What can’t be missing from your curly hair care kit

Find out what can’t be missing from your hair care routine!

Taking care of your curls isn’t exactly a walk in the park… If you’re the owner of curly or wavy hair, you probably know how frustrating it can be to keep those curls and waves defined, smooth, and looking super healthy! 

But normally, the reason for that hard time in taking care of your mane is simply because you still don’t know what products you should be using. That’s why today we are going to show you how to have the perfect curly hair care kit![1]Johnson, D. (2020, May 20). The Essential Products You Need for Your Curly Hair Regimen. NaturallyCurly.Com. … Continue reading



One of the biggest complaints from curly-haired ladies is that their roots are oily while the hair’s ends are dry. That happens due to the structure of the curls, which makes it easy for products’ residues and natural oils to build upon the scalp, at the same time the length and ends don’t get the nourishment they need.

To keep that from happening, opt for a shampoo (or a cleanser) that is hydrating! That way, you’ll make sure you’re getting rid of residues AND providing some hydration to the rest of your hair. We recommend you Nazca’s Low Foam Your Perfect Curls Shampoo!

curly hair shampoo

When it comes to conditioners, the best option is to look for detangling and nourishing ones, specifically formulated for curly hair! Detangling conditioners are fantastic for emollience, meaning it will be super easy to get rid of knots and tangles without damaging your hair cuticles. 

A bonus tip is to try to use the same brand of your shampoo since they normally complement each other! That’s why we recommend Nazca’s detangling conditioner, which contains coconut oil – perfect for nourishing your mane!


If you don’t know what hair masks are, make sure you read this post here! But in short, they are a great way to provide your hair what it’s lacking. So, if you’re feeling like your curls need some moisture, you should look for a moisturizing mask – like this one, from the Brazilian brand, Boni Natural! If you think your curls need more definition, though, there are several masks perfect for that!


It doesn’t matter if your hair is wavy or curly, the best way to ensure your locks will be looking their best is to bet on a leave-in defining cream (also known as “curl activator”)! And it doesn’t even need to be cream – it can be a mousse or spray. The thing is, it will help to style your hair the way you want: full of defined curls or waves.

Using one is super simple. You just need to be sure that you don’t apply it directly to your scalp or roots, or it will build up (and you don’t want that to happen). Apply it to your locks divided into sections, and from the length of your hair to the ends, ok? And if you need a recommendation, try the Nazca line – they have options for curly, wavy, and coily hair (the latter pictured below)!

With the products listed above, you are sure to have gorgeous-looking, smooth, and frizz-free curly (or wavy) hair! If you want some tips to take care of curly hair, read this other article, to ensure perfect locks. Oh, and don’t forget to visit Metro Brazil’s website and see all the amazing products from the best Brazilian brands!


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