All about the hair mask

What is it and what is it good for?

Anyone dedicated to hair care has heard of a hair mask – also called “deep conditioning”. After all, it is one of the simplest ways to revitalize hair through hydration and nutrition! If you don’t know or just want to know more about hair treatment masks, today we will give you a lot of information about them[1]Everything You Need to Know About Using a Hair Mask. (n.d.). Healthline. Retrieved February 9, 2021, from!


We can say that hair masks are like “super-conditioners”. Like normal conditioners, they are emollient creams (great for combing). The difference is that the components are in greater quantities and much more concentrated! 

Besides, masks should be applied after cleansing and conditioning your hair, and for a longer time, ranging from 5 minutes to several hours, for example. The amount of time it stays on your hair and if you should apply it only on the length and ens, depends on the state of your hair and the treatment needed.


The coolest thing about hair masks is that they can be both industrialized and homemade! So, if you want to try a DIY, know that there are several recipes with different main ingredients: coconut oil, egg white, banana and honey, avocado, olive oil, etc. In this post here, in which we talk about natural treatments, you can have an inspiration to make a homemade mask!

Homemade hair mask

However, if you don’t feel like trying to make one from scratch, you can find them in drugstores or on online stores, like Metro Brazil – we have the best Brazilian hair masks!


We have already mentioned that the hair mask helps to hydrate and nourish the hair strands. However, depending on the main component of the mask, the benefits can be varied! Among the incredible reasons for you to use the masks are:

  1. Hair loss reduction: the nutrients contained in the mask leave the hair healthier and, consequently, stronger!
  1. Less frizz: due to hydration, the cuticles of the hair strands will be more “behaved”!
  1. More shine and smoothness: it makes a lot of sense that by applying nutrients and other vitamins to the hair, it’s going to be in better health, right?
  1. Hydration to the scalp: it may seem strange, but the masks benefit not only the hair but also the scalp! This is important, because, after all, it is there that the blood vessels responsible for hair growth are. And, in addition to that, when the scalp gets dry, dandruff can appear!
Hair mask


As we said, each main ingredient is indicated for a specific treatment. As there are several options, both homemade and industrial, we will show you some of the options of masks that you can buy ready-made and for which they are indicated, ok?

Avocado oil: rich in vitamins A, D, and E, the avocado oil mask is indicated to those with damaged and frizzy hair! It will make your hair more manageable, smooth, and shinier!

A great avocado oil is this one! Say farewell to frizz

Honey: If you just can’t handle how lifeless and dry your hair seems, a honey mask may be the one for you. It is rich in minerals and vitamins of the B complex, which will give back shine and hydration to your mane!

We recommend this honey mask from the Brazilian brand, Nazca!

Aloe vera: this ingredient is miraculous! It will give your mane both hydration and nutrition, plus leaving it smooth and frizz-free!

Nazca also has an aloe vera hair mask option, just as great as the other ones!

What do you think about hair masks? They are pretty awesome, right? And easy to make or to buy! So don’t hesitate to give them a try! You can check out Metro Brazil’s website for more treatment mask options from amazing brands from Brazil!


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