The importance of moisture and protein for hair health

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Strong, healthy hair that is sufficiently moisturized is the key to glossy, frizz-free curls that are properly defined. It’s simpler than you might imagine, and all that you need is a balanced diet of protein and hydration. 

It’s generally not a good idea to consume too much or too little of anything for your health or your hair. We’ll show you several warning indications your hair provides you when it is out of equilibrium, just like in food.

The uneven cuticles also make it easier for moisture to escape, making your curly hair more prone to dryness. In this article we will show you the importance of moisture and protein to keep your strands pretty and frizz free!

Why does hair need moisture and protein?

Human hair is made mostly of a fibrous protein called keratin. Chemical bonds stitch these proteins together, giving it strength and rigidity. In healthy hair, these bonds—known as disulfide bridges—are secure and unbroken.

But it does not stay secure and unbroken forever – everyday stress takes their toll on your hair including; heat, hair straighteners, bleaches, and dyes. These all work together to break the disulfide bridges, making your hair brittle.

Protein makes your hair strands strong and moisture makes them soft. The disulfide bridges are hydrated by moisture, which is what makes the hair soft and manageable to comb, brush, and style. The disulfide bridges are kept together and strengthened by proteins, which makes your hair stronger and less prone to breakage.

How can I tell if my hair needs more protein?

Recall that your hair is actually made of protein. Amino acids and protein filaments known as keratin make up hair. 

Your hair’s proteins serve as its building blocks and provide strands their strength and structure. You’ll notice that your hair appears and feels brittle and fragile if there is not enough protein in it.

The curls need protein, and there are telltale symptoms to watch out for. Your hair will become brittle and more prone to breakage if it needs extra protein. Your hair may look tangled, feel clingy, look lanky, being frail and prone to breaking and having greater than usual hair loss.

How can I tell if my hair needs more moisture?

Based only on the curl pattern and how much more exposed surface area there is on the hair strand, curly hair loses moisture considerably more quickly than straight hair. Therefore, moisture is essential for gorgeous, lustrous, frizz-free curls.

The moisture test: your hair needs moisture if you try to stretch a strand and it does not stretch at all. Furthermore, if your hair: feels arid, feels rough, looks matte and dull and undefined, it might need moisture.

Detangling spray is undoubtedly one technique to address this problem on a daily basis. Look for products that contain glycerin, which helps to hydrate the disulfide bridges and smooth the cuticles by physically absorbing moisture from the environment into your hair.

Ingredients to look for in hair products

In case you are looking for hair products enriched with protein, ingredients such as keratin, collagen, quinoa, amino acids and arginine are great. If you are looking for moisturizing products, search for ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, botanical extracts and panthenol.

Even if your hair care products have a wonderful formula and quality, it is advisable to address protein shortage in your hair through your diet if you want to restore your strands for a long time. Eating extra protein and waiting for your hair to catch up to your new healthy lifestyle is the simplest, cheapest, and most natural solution. ((OHalloran, Z. (2022, July 5). Balance of Moisture and Protein is key in any Curly Hair Regime. CurlyEllie. Retrieved September 26, 2022, from

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