The best hair oil treatments for damaged hair

We know how hair health can interfere with our self-esteem, don’t we? And we also know how taking care of them can take a lot of time and money – things that not all women have to spare. However, there is a more practical (and economical) way to take care of damaged hair: hair treatments with natural oils!

damaged hair

Today we are going to show you some natural oils that are known to restore the hair structure[1]Thorne, G. (2020, December 5). The 17 Best Hair Oils for All Hair Types | 2020 Reviews. Allure.! Thus, you will be taking care of yourself and also restoring your self-esteem! But, first of all, you need to check if your hair is in fact damaged, ok? So let’s see the signs of a damaged hair!


  • Your hair is full of split ends: if you take a chunk of your hair and the ends look completely broken, it is a sign that your hair is in some serious need of repair.
  • It looks frizzy: if your hair is full of frizz, it is a sign that it is lacking some moisture.
  • You are suffering from hair loss: it is normal to lose around 50-100 hair strands per day, but if you are finding hair everywhere all day long, it probably means that it is really damaged.
  • Your mane is super dry: if you find yourself doing conditioning treatments every week but your hair is still looking and feeling dry, it means that it is not absorbing moisture properly – a definite sign of damaged hair.
  • It has no elasticity: if you extend a chunk of your hair and it breaks fastly, it means it needs help. 
  • If your hair is dyed, the color fades quickly: although it is expected for some fading to occur after dying your hair, if the color fades super fast, it is a sign your hair is harmed.
  • After you wash it, it is soaking wet: if after you wash it and remove the excess water your hair is still wet, it means it needs hydration ASAP! 
  • It is hard to detangle: we all get tangled in our hair, but if when you try to detangle it seems impossible – even with the help of a detangling cream – it’s because of the damaged hair structure.

If you read the signs of damaged hair above and identified at least two of them in your hair, the recommendations of hair oil treatments below may be your saviors!

hair oil treatment



Rich in fatty acids, macadamia oil is perfect for penetrating hair follicles effectively, resulting in smooth, strong, and manageable hair! 


Full of vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids, almond oil strengthen the main and protects the hair from breaking! Because it is a natural emollient, it is also recommended to smoothen the hair.


Fatty acids and vitamin E are the main components of this amazing oil! Using coconut oil results in shiny, hydrated hair, since it penetrates deeply into the hair structure!


Since it is rich in vitamins and minerals, jojoba oil works as a moisturizer and acts against hair loss, breakage and also prevents split ends!


We did a whole post about this fantastic natural oil! Olive oil not only has moisturizing properties, but it also has protective ones, meaning it keeps your hair safe from external factors like heat! 


Also natural emollient, grapeseed oil has a lot of antioxidants and nutrients that give strength back to the hair, helping those who are suffering mainly from hair loss or breakage! It is also going to leave your hair super shiny!


If you are new to the use of natural oils, the best way to use them at the beginning is to mix 1 tablespoon of your oil of choice with your regular conditioner or hair mask. Apply the mixture to your wet hair and massage it. After that, let it act for about 10 minutes, and then just use lukewarm or cold water to wash it all off! Simple as that!

We know how frustrating damaged hair can be. But don’t get discouraged! As you have seen today, it is possible to improve the appearance of your mane in a simple and natural way. In addition, you can also use ready-made products, such as the wonderful hair products available on the Metro Brazil website, to make your treatment even more potent! Take a look at the website and plan your home treatment to restore all beauty and health to your hair!


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