Maternity leggings: the best option for moms-to-be

Discover the benefits of wearing maternity leggings!

Leggings are some of the favorite pieces of clothing for women. Comfortable, great for exercising or just relaxing at home, these pants are extremely versatile! However, they also tend to raise doubts in some pregnant women, such as “Can I wear them when I’m expecting?” and “Are there specific leggings for pregnant women?”. You will be happy to know that the answer to both questions is YES[1]Spears, N. (2020, August 5). What to Look for in Maternity Leggings & 6 Looks to Style Them. Baby Chick.!

Leggings are great options for pregnant women. Today we are going to talk about maternity leggings and present some of their benefits for you, future mom!


One of the benefits of purchasing maternity leggings is the fact that, because they are made of elastic materials, these pants will adjust to the growth of your baby bump. From week to week, your body changes in size, and the special pants for future moms allows you not to have to buy a new piece weekly!

Pregnancy leggings
If you are looking for the typical black leggings, these super comfy ones from Lupo are a dream come true!


Unlike “normal” pants, maternity leggings TOTALLY cover the belly (whew!)! So, nothing to feel that discomfort typical of an elastic band squeezing your belly and your baby. Also, by covering even the top of your baby bump, there is no danger that they will fall, causing that irritation that we hate, right?


Another positive point in the use of leggings during pregnancy is the fact that your belly will be receiving a lot of support from the pants, so that you will feel more relieved of the weight and will be able to improve your posture.

Maternity pants
Want some comfort and style? Try out this awesome Plie leggings, made from really soft and elastic fabric! 


Maternity legging has a great benefit: it doesn’t have to be worn only when you’re pregnant! Depending on the size of the pants, you may be able to wear them in the postpartum period and even after your body is closer to what it looked like before pregnancy!

Maternity leggings
Are you suffering from excessive heat during your pregnancy? Well, try out this Lupo’s shorter legging, called “bermuda” in Brazil!

Remember that there are some points you should pay attention to when using maternity leggings like the length, the material from which it is made and the thickness of the fabric. Of course, these points vary from woman to woman: there are those who prefer shorter pants, others who prefer thinner pants, etc. In the end, you know yourself (and your baby bump) better than anyone! Be sure to check out Metro Brazil’s website to find even more great options of leggings!


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