How to keep your curly bangs looking fantastic 24/7

Currently, one of the hairstyles that are being adopted the most is the fringe! Whether short or long, women of all hair types have surrendered to this beautiful style. But while it is indeed beautiful, having bangs is also quite complicated – especially when it comes to curly hair!

If you have curly hair and are thinking about cutting bangs, or if you already have bangs in your curls, this article is for you! Today we’ll show you how to take care of your curly bangs and how to style them!

HOW TO KEEP YOUR CURLY BANGS LOOKING FANTASTIC 24/7[1]Abelman, D. (2017, October 26). Tips for Great Bangs With Curly Hair. Allure.

  1. GO LONG!

We know that short bangs are extremely beautiful, but when it comes to curly hair, this may not be the best option… Since curls tend to shrink when dry, when it’s time to cut, leave more hair, okay? Also, long bangs are super wonderful for styling! You can put them to the side, pin them in the center, or let them adapt naturally.


This tip is extremely important, especially if you are prone to acne! Bangs are known to accumulate dirt more easily, and because they are in direct contact with the forehead, the possibility of pimples is very high. Therefore, try to wash your bangs daily and very well! 

For a deep wash of your curly bangs, we recommend the Passion Fruit Deep Cleansing Shampoo from the Brazilian brand RIOBELO. It promotes deep cleansing without drying out, leaving your bangs clean and beautiful!


If you like your bangs and want to keep them, don’t forget to trim them! If you don’t do this, they will grow out quickly and lose their shape – a good thing if you haven’t adapted to this style of hair. You can choose to go to the salon, but it is possible to trim your bangs at home! Just don’t forget to leave more hair if you choose to trim them when wet, okay?


The golden rule for curly hair still holds for curly bangs: don’t brush them! If you do, they will become shapeless and dry-looking. Therefore, just as you should do with all your hair, do not brush them. 

If necessary, use a wooden comb or your own fingers! This way you will keep the curls defined and avoid frizz. Another tip is not to forget to use specific hair products for curly hair, ensuring even more shape to your hair and a healthy look! Our recommendation is the Your Perfect Curls product line, which includes the hair mask below, by the Brazilian brand Nazca! 

Taking care of curly hair is already a challenge. Add a fringe to this equation and things get even more complicated! However, by following the tips above and using amazing products such as those from the Brazilian brands Nazca and RIOBELO, everything will be easier and smoother. So, go to the Metro Brazil website and check out the whole range of wonderful products directly from Brazil for you!


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