Eye makeup products every woman should own

Find out what are the basic items for an amazing eye makeup look!

We all know that makeup is an incredible way to express ourselves and highlight what we most admire about ourselves, don’t we? And, as we also know, “the eyes are the window to the soul”. That is why, in the ideal makeup bag, there is no shortage of eye makeup products! Thinking about it, today we will show you what are the basic items[1]Frisky, T. (2021, January 4). What Are The Essential Eye Makeup Products. The Frisky. https://thefrisky.com/essential-eye-makeup-products/ that guarantee the perfect makeup look to enhance your eyes!

And if you think you need to spend a fortune or have several products, you can relax! Our list has only 6 products, which are sold by both more accessible and more expensive brands. So, let’s go see what eye makeup products you need to own[2]Dalal, U. (2020, January 9). 5 eye makeup products that every girl should have in her makeup arsenal. Be Beautiful India. … Continue reading!


Of course, we have to start with the item that makes all the difference in the look. Mascara has been used for decades by women as it has the power to “light up” the eyes! After all, this item serves to lengthen and add volume to the lashes, attracting attention to that area of ​​the face. Even with a bare face, mascara will be a game-changer! So, if you didn’t know already, now you know that mascara is a MUST!


Eyeliner is a wonderful way to bring definition to the eyes! Although it is a difficult process for beginners (or even for more experienced makeup artists), applying eyeliner will completely transform your look! And you can be sure that once you learn how to use it, you won’t want to stop!

Oh, and the best part of eyeliner is that it can be of different colors! Most people prefer basic black or brown, but if you want to venture into makeup, opt for colorful eyeliner or even glitter! It’s a super cool way to express yourself and have fun!

  1. KAJAL

The kajal is almost a “distant cousin” to the eyeliner. While it also has the function of marking the eyes pop, the kajal is usually easier to apply than the eyeliner! This happens because of its soft texture. So, if you choose a kajal in the shape of a pencil, for example, the application will be much smoother! And, to add a finishing touch, you can blend it a little!

Fun fact: kajal has been used for over 3000 years! In the East, where it was created, it was used as a way to protect the eyes from the sun! Interesting, isn’t it?


The people who think that the eyebrow should not be taken into account when applying makeup are very wrong! By using an eyebrow pencil, you can fill in the blanks or any flaws you may have in that part of your face. Thus, your look will be even more penetrating and attractive! Just be careful when buying the product: choose a color a little lighter than your eyebrow hair! 


Although it is not such a basic item, the eyeshadow palette is essential. You may not use eyeshadow on a daily basis, but you can be sure that, for a special occasion, using it will be a plus!

One suggestion is to opt for an eyeshadow palette with neutral colors, such as brown, beige, white, and gold! However, feel free to choose colors you like – such as pink, blue or yellow, for example! We have said here before and we will repeat: makeup is a way to express yourself and have fun!


Ok, ok… It’s not exactly a makeup item, but it’s a MUST! After all, you already know that it is not good to sleep with makeup on, right? Quality skincare routine requires you to remove your makeup! So, one product you need to invest in is an eye makeup remover.

And yes, there is a difference between normal makeup removers and those for eye makeup: eye makeup removers have substances that remove waterproof makeup much more easily and don’t make your eyes hurt!

We hope this list of basic eye makeup products has helped you! After all, makeup is one of the coolest ways to take care of yourself and realize how beautiful you are! And talking about taking care of yourself, on the Metro Brazil website, you can find self-care products from the best Brazilian brands, which can also be part of your routine! Take a look!


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