10 makeup essentials for beginners

Know what you should have inside your makeup bag

You never really cared about makeup but want to start using it now? Wonderful! Makeup is an amazing way to express yourself, highlight features that you like about yourself and, above all, feel even more beautiful than you already are! Today we are going to help you assemble your makeup bag by showing you 10 essential products! Let’s go?

Ah, wait a little bit! Before you start applying makeup, you must follow some steps to get your skin ready to receive the products, okay? Don’t be discouraged, because there are 2 very simple processes: first, wash your face with cold water and a facial cleanser. Then, apply a moisturizer to your skin type and massage a lot! Now we covered that up, we can move on to the makeup essentials[1]McAlley, R. (2020, August 29). 10 Makeup Products We Can’t Live Without. House of Coco. http://houseofcoco.life/10-makeup-products-we-cant-live-without/!

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Many people think they do not need a primer. However, know that it is a very important product because it also serves to “prepare” the skin to receive the makeup! The role of the primer is to close the pores – which prevents them from clogging with makeup, generating blackheads and pimples-, which will leave your skin with a silky and healthy aspect! And it’s nice to know that there are primers for different skin types – so if your skin is acneic, you can have a primer to help control acne! Cool, right?


The name itself says it all: the foundation will cover your entire face, giving a uniform shade to the skin, and, depending on the type of coverage (high, medium, or low), it will already cover some spots or dark circles. The most annoying side of the foundation is to get the color right. You may get it wrong a few times until you get the right shade, but it will be worth it!


If you don’t like the feeling of using foundation or don’t have an uneven skin tone, you can go without it! Maybe choosing a BB Cream or a colored sunscreen can be a good alternative! And be careful: if your skin is very oily, look for a foundation with salicylic acid in the composition or one with a matte effect!


Ah, concealer… such a wonderful product! It is used to conceal dark circles, spots, scars, and pimples. There is nothing wrong with these things, but if you are not comfortable with the skin on your face right now, the concealer will help you with that! Like the foundation, you may be getting the wrong color at the beginning, but this is normal! If you can, go to a makeup store, as you can test before you buy. And be aware: the concealer should always be one or two shades lighter than the foundation!


After applying primer, foundation and concealer, you need to make these things stay in place! After all, the wind, the heat – hello, sweat – and other factors can contribute to making the makeup go out of place. So, invest in a quality setting powder, okay? There are both colored facial powders, as well as translucent powder and banana, which are usually used for skins of all colors!

makeup powder
  1. BLUSH

Want some rosy cheeks? Get a blush! It is a simple product that adds a healthy look to your skin!


You can apply several of the products on this list, such as the foundation, primer, and concealer, with your own hands. But you can also use brushes for that! And blush, setting powder, and eyeshadow, for example, need brushes. So try to invest in a very complete set of brushes!

makeup brushes

Make your look stand out with mascara! There are those that give more volume, others that increase the length, and others that do both! And there’s also the waterproof option (good luck taking it out, though).


If you haven’t been blessed with an eyebrow like Lily Collins’, don’t be sad! You can fill your eyebrows with a pencil, powder, or gel specific for them!


You must have seen the cat-eye look before. With an eyeliner, you will be able to do it (although at first, it may not look anything like a cat-eye!). The most common one is black eyeliner but, if you’re feeling creative, there are a lot of color options!


Whether nude, pink, or red, lipstick can change your whole look! Of course, you don’t need to apply it every day, but if you’re starting to venture into makeup, having at least 1 lipstick is a must!

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After reading the post, are you feeling more prepared to assemble your makeup bag? Remember that, above all, makeup is a way for you to have fun, be creative, and love yourself! And if you are looking for other ways to take care of yourself, go to Metro Brazil’s website to see amazing cosmetic products and lingerie that will boost your self-esteem!


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