How to choose the correct lingerie for yourself

4 things you must consider when buying LINGERIE

One of the things that most positively impact a woman’s self-esteem is choosing the ideal lingerie! After all, who doesn’t want to feel sexy or elegant in their underwear? However, to find the ideal lingerie you need to take some things into consideration[1]Hathway, S. (2019, June 12). 5 key tips for choosing the right lingerie. Elle Courbee.

As not all women know what points should be considered on a lingerie shopping spree, today we will tell you! Knowing what to look out for when buying panties and bras[2]Eggertsen, L. (2020, June 18). The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing and Buying Lingerie. Who What Wear UK., you will guarantee a perfect undergarment for your body. So, here are the 4 things you should keep in mind when buying lingerie!


It is obvious that the first thing you should consider when buying lingerie is your body measures. Are your breasts big or small? Are your back broad or narrow? And your hips and butt, how big? The measurements are extremely important because then, you will be able to choose a lingerie that will not tighten you too much or that will be too loose.

In addition, when you are aware of your measurements, you can opt for styles of bra or panties that can offer more support or those that are more comfortable because they do not have underwires. If you need help on lingerie types, you should check out this post!

Hot pants are the go-to if you want to feel supported on the tummy area!

This point is EXTREMELY important! After all, is there anything more uncomfortable than feeling the bra itch or an underwire loosening? So pay close attention to the fabric you are going to choose and the quality of it. Of course, when you’re looking for a sexier outfit, comfort may not be the first thing on your mind. But know that it is possible to find a sensual piece that is also comfortable!

A tip: if you want to buy a piece to use on a daily basis or more than once, opt for renowned brands, which manufacture pieces with good and long-lasting fabrics! You may pay more, but you can be sure that you will use the piece for a long time.

String panties are not the most comfortable, but if you buy them from a good brand, rest assured that they will be pleasant to wear!

As we mentioned in the previous item, sometimes you may be looking for something sexier for a special date. So, when buying lingerie, keep in mind the occasion for which it will be used. Thus, you will know which style of bra or panties will be most interesting and which material you prefer. 

If it is a piece for a dating anniversary, for example, you can bet on something more daring, with print or a lot of lace! For day-to-day, opt for more sober pieces (or not! You do you!) and of higher quality.

Some lingeries are both sensual and great to wear daily, just like this one, from Fruit de la Passion!

It goes without saying that you must like the lingerie you’re buying. You need to feel comfortable and nice on it. Think about it: it is the first thing you will put on in the mornings, so why not start the day feeling pretty, comfortable, and confident? 

You can be sure that by choosing a piece of lingerie you love, your attitude towards the day will be more positive and your perception of yourself will be wonderful! Comfy and beautiful lingerie = self-love at its peak!

Colorful lingerie
Try to wear colorful bras or panties! It will make you feel great!

Buying lingerie is one of the coolest activities ever, isn’t it? So, now that you know what you should take into account at that moment, take advantage of it and buy a piece that will leave you feeling (even more) amazing! On the Metro Brazil website, you can check out Brazilian brands known for their sexy and high-quality lingerie! Have fun!


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