Women’s sportswear essentials

What you need to own

Do you want to start exercising, but don’t know where to start? Well, there’s nowhere better to begin than with your wardrobe! Today we are going to show you what are women’s sportswear essentials for those who want to get deeper into exercising!

women sportswear

Also, you should know that nowadays, style and sport are no longer separate elements. It is more than possible for you to show your personal style in your sports clothes! Do you want a greater incentive to exercise than having a beautiful sports outfit waiting for you to wear it? So come on, let’s see what pieces[1]Greening, D. (2016, April 10). 7 Must Have Essentials for Women’s Sportswear. DESIblitz. https://www.desiblitz.com/content/7-must-essentials-womens-sportswear you should buy right now to exercise with comfort and style!


Using a regular bra to exercise is no good. It doesn’t offer a lot of support or comfort. That’s why an essential and extremely important item for women who want to exercise freely is a sports bra! Since it compresses the breasts to your chest, you won’t need to worry about jumping or running and feeling uncomfortable or in pain!

women sportswear
Good modern sports bras are made with fabric that allows ventilation, such as this gorgeous one from the Brazilian brand, Lupo!


Ok, so you don’t actually only use leggings or sports capris to exercise. These are awesome comfortable pants that you can wear to any type of exercise: yoga, pilates, or running, these pants are perfect for feeling free and being able to move any way you want. That’s why you need to invest in a good pair of sports capris or leggings.

Also, of course that when you’re exercising, looking good isn’t your number one priority – it’s feeling good about yourself and what your body can do. But rest assured that these pants will leave you feeling GORGEOUS.

women sportswear
If you don’t know, the difference between sports capris and leggings is the length. Capris, just as this awesome one from Lupo, is a little shorter!


Made with synthetic fabrics that allow ventilation, the sports tank tops are perfect for sunnier days or if you simply sweat a lot! Just make sure to use it with a sports bra, as they tend to be looser. The sports bra will be your guarantee of support.

Some tank tops, in addition to being made with ventilating fabrics, also have reflective materials details! This one, for example, allows you to exercise safely at night!


To say that trainers are essential for sports seems obvious (and it is…), but choosing the right sports footwear is not so simple! There is a lot of technology behind the shapes and soles of sneakers, so your choice will depend on the exercise you are going to practice! If you are running, for example, opt for shoes with a lot of cushioning and made with lighter materials.


Along with the tank tops, sports shirts are a “must-have” for any woman. If you don’t feel very secure wearing tank tops, t-shirts are the best option! Of course, you can use an old, loose T-shirt, but the most comfortable option, considering that you sweat while exercising, is sports shirts.
Some advantages are greater ventilation due to the fabric material, the presence of reflective details, as well as UV protection!

As we said, sports t-shirts can have UV protection, which means you won’t absorb so much heat as you would with a regular t-shirt!

Now that you know what are the essential clothing pieces for a sports wardrobe, are you ready to start exercising without leaving your personal style aside? Take a look at the Metro Brazil website to find even more incredible options for women’s sportswear!


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