Why and how to use purple shampoo

Find out everything you need to know about this hair care product!

There are so many types of shampoo available that it is hard to keep up with all of them. Among them, there is one special shampoo that every blonde woman must have heard about before: the purple shampoo! 

Although people normally associate purple shampoo with blondes, this hair product can be used for other hair colors. Surprised? Keep reading to find out all the information you need to know about this incredible shampoo!

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First of all, you need to know what purple shampoo is! With a specifically designed formula for blondes and owners of other hair colors (such as silver, platinum, pastel colors, and even brunettes with lightened locks), the main purpose of this product is to neutralize yellow and orange tones with its violet pigments!


Using purple shampoo is great for many reasons, especially if your locks have been dyed recently. The main reason for using it is that it fights brassiness – those unwanted yellowish tones that appear especially in blonde strands! 

Several things can cause the blonde and other hair colors to change tonalities, such as sunlight and pool water. By adding purple shampoo to your hair care routine, you’re ensuring that the violet pigments will fight the yellow tones that want to appear on your hair. This happens because, on the color wheel, purple is the opposite color of yellow, meaning that the former neutralizes the latter!

So, if your locks are blonde, silver, platinum, pastel, or even lightened brunette hair, you should make sure to use purple shampoo! Now, let’s see how you should use it!


  • In the beginning, don’t use purple shampoo alone. Mix it with your regular shampoo so you can get used to the amount of product you need for your hair length.
  • Make sure to alternate it with other types of the product, such as volumizing or hydrating ones, so your hair receives nutrients as well. Also, using only purple shampoo can be damaging to your hair color as well!
  • Read the instructions on the packaging of the product so you leave the shampoo acting the exact amount of time it needs! 
  • The last thing is to make sure you distribute the product through all your hair.

If your mane is looking too brassy, you can even add other “purple” products to your hair care routine! There are great options of such products available, varying from conditioners to hair masks. An amazing recommendation is the Brazilian brand RIOBELO’S Açaí Professional Real Brazilian Protein Treatment line! The line’s products combine the açaí extract with an anti-yellow technology, leaving your hair nurtured and full of life!

There are a lot of benefits in using purple shampoo when you have blonde or colored hair! Now that you know why and how you should use this product, add it to your routine so your mane keeps its best tonality for a long time. Just remember that you should alternate the purple shampoo with other types of products! On Metro Brazil’s website, you can find several types of hair care products from the best Brazilian brands, so make sure you check them!


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