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We know that cosmetics are the products we use on our skin and on our hair. But what are natural or organic cosmetics? You have certainly heard or read these terms at some point. Nowadays, these products are some of the most talked-about on social media. Do you know why they are so famous? In today’s post, we will explain the various reasons for their fame[1]Migala, J., & Radusky, R. (2019, July 25). What Are “Natural” Skin-Care Products, and Are They Better for You? | Everyday Health. EverydayHealth.Com. … Continue reading! But first, let’s clarify something:

  • To be considered a natural cosmetic, it is necessary to have a certifying seal, issued by governmental and regulatory bodies. Most of these certifying bodies stipulate that to be a natural product, at least 95% of the raw materials are natural or of natural origin. The 5% can be made of synthetic materials listed by the certifier.
  • It is also worth knowing that raw materials derived from petroleum, genetically modified (GMO), or that resulted in death or mistreatment of animals are NOT allowed.
Natural cosmetics

Now that you know what a natural cosmetic is, let’s go to the reasons[2]N. (2021b, January 22). 3 reasons to switch to natural and organic cosmetics. NATRUE. https://www.natrue.org/3-reasons-to-switch-to-natural-and-organic-cosmetics/ that explain its popularity!


Natural cosmetics are made from ingredients that come directly from nature. This ends up influencing the impact that these products have on our skin (fewer chemicals = fewer reasons for skin irritation) and on the environment. After all, not only does the manufacture of cosmetics have consequences for the environment, but also their disposal.


Returning to the matter of the disposal of products: natural cosmetics, being free of large quantities of chemical substances and composed of organic materials are easily degradable in the environment. This, therefore, contributes to the preservation of nature. It is good to know that when you are taking care of yourself you are also taking care of the environment, right?

Natural cosmetics


Another factor that motivates people to adopt the use of natural cosmetics is the fact that, during production, natural raw materials do not usually need chemical processes, so the production is cleaner and more environmentally friendly! 


As mentioned earlier, to be considered a natural product, cosmetics cannot contain transgenic materials. This is because the safety of these genetically modified materials is still very debated and controversial. So you can rest assured that when using a natural cosmetic, you will know the origin of everything in it!

cosmetics natural


Most of the natural products used in the production of these cosmetics are of organic origin. This means that no pesticides have been used to produce these resources. It is scientifically proven that products such as pesticides and herbicides are absorbed by the epidermis of fruits, vegetables, and plants, which means that they end up in your body as well. Also, in addition to being free of pesticides, the use of organic products means a further reduction in the negative impact on nature! Awesome, right?


Another positive point for organic and natural cosmetics: the environmental friendliness does not stop only in the composition of the products. The packaging is made, most of the time, from recycled and recyclable materials! Just perfect.

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As you have seen, there are several reasons for the enormous fame of natural cosmetics. The reduction in the use of chemicals means greater safety for your health and the environment. We know how important the preservation of our planet is, so we need to do our part!

If you are interested in migrating to natural cosmetics but do not know where to start, we recommend the Brazilian brand Boni Natural, known for its wonderful and sustainable products! Take a look and start helping the planet!


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