Tips for healthy hair

Finding the right routine is not easy since every hair is unique. Due to that, every type of strand requires different hair care steps – what keeps your best friend’s hair healthy might not work for you.

However, there are some general tips that work well for all types of hair. Check it out:

Regular trims for healthy hair

It doesn’t matter your hair type; you are always susceptible to split ends. And to keep your hair free of frizz, the solution is really simple: getting regular trims. You don’t need to do it every month: once every three or four months is enough. This reduces breakage, improves the locks texture, and makes your hair look fuller and healthier.

Have a balanced diet and drink a lot of water

Your hair needs moisture and hydration and the main way to get this is from the inside: by eating foods enriched with vitamins and nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables, and drinking at least two liters of water per day, everyday. This will also improve your skin’s look and it is beneficial for all your general health.

Avoid heat for healthy hair

The reason is simple: excessive heat can literally burn hair. You can still use heat tools, but always use a thermal protector first and try to use them at the lowest temperature possible. Avoid using curling wands and flat irons more than once a week – they reach really high temperatures and touch the hair directly, which can damage the strands even more.

This rule also applies to water: instead of hot water, choose cold or warm temperatures. Besides making the hair dryer, hot water prejudices colored hair: it makes the color fade quicker.

Try to “go natural” whenever you can

Try to use your natural hair texture more often. Avoiding styling tools once in a while can do wonders for our hair. Besides avoiding heat, try to avoid styling products as well. They don’t cause damage like heat tools, but this practice will reduce residue buildup.


Be careful when drying your hair with a towel

Removing excess water from hair seems something really simple and we don’t think much of how to do it. However, even this inoffensive action can be aggressive to hair. To prevent damage, don’t rub your hair: just press it gently instead.

Plus, switch the regular towel for a clean cotton t-shirt. The fabric that has contact with hair also influences its look. Cotton is delicate and avoids frizz.

Change your pillowcase for healthy hair

Like we’ve just mentioned, fabrics can also make a total difference to our hair health. And replacing your regular pillowcase with a silk pillowcase is life-changing! Silk’s smooth surface reduces friction on hair. As a consequence, it reduces and prevents frizz and split ends.

These are basic but incredible tips that transform all hair types. Put these in practice and achieve dreamy and effortless hair strands.

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