Tips for choosing perfect sexy bras

How to choose the perfect seductive lingerie

There’s one thing women can agree on: wearing sexy lingerie makes our self-esteem skyrocket! Who doesn’t want to feel sensual and seductive just by putting some gorgeous bra on? However, although a lot of women already know how to choose the perfect lingerie, there are quite a few ladies out there who still have doubts about choosing sexy bras[1]C. (2019a, January 2). 4 Best Tips for Choosing the Sexy Lingerie. ChicMags.!

Because we believe every woman must have the chance to feel desirable and attractive (even if just for themselves), today we are going to give you 5 tips on how to pick sexy bras that are perfect for you! 

sexy lingerie

But hold up a minute! How do you know if the sexy bra you already have isn’t the right one for you? There are some signs that you are wearing the wrong one[2]Tiemeyer, J. (2020, April 28). How to Find the Perfect Sexy Bra. LingerieDiva.

  • If your bra has an underwire and you can feel it poking your breasts or underarms, that bra is incorrect for you!
  • If you need to keep putting your breasts inside the bra cup because they are slipping over or to the sides all the time, that’s a wrong bra!
  • Are the straps slipping down? If there isn’t an adjustable mechanism in it, you can say goodbye to that bra.
  • When you lift your arms, is the bra lifting with them? If you said “yes”, well, that’s another sign that’s not the correct bra for you.

Ok, so now that you know the signs of an incorrect bra, let’s move on to the tips on how to choose the right sexy one for you!


This one tip is kind of obvious, but ESSENTIAL to choose the right sexy bra. After all, it isn’t because a piece of lingerie is sexy that it needs to be uncomfortable, right? So you have to know your bra size in order to pick the correct bra size. 

If you don’t already know your bust size, it isn’t so difficult to do so. You’re going to need a measuring tape and then wrap it around the fullest part of your breasts – leave it a bit loose because you don’t want a bra to suffocate you. 

To do a complete measurement, you’ll also need to know your band size, so just wrap the measuring tape around the bottom of your breasts – if the number is even, add 4 inches; if the number is odd, add 5in. Now, to know the cup size, subtract the band size from the bust measurement, and you’ll get a number from 0 to 7! Then, just look up a conversion table and you’ll have your cup size!


Another really important tip is to choose good material! You want to look sexy without feeling itchy! So opt for fabric such as satin or cotton with some tulle details. By choosing bras made of these materials, like the one below, you will look seductive at the same time you’re feeling comfortable! 

white bralette

Although neutral colors such as beige and nude are great for everyday lingerie, they aren’t the sexiest colors. That’s why, when choosing sexy bras, go for colors like pink, red (like the bra below, from Fruit de La Passion), purple, black, and even white! These are some of the hottest colors out there…

sexy red bras

Considering you already know your cup size, you must pay attention to the cups when you buy sexy bras. If you have smaller breasts and want them to look bigger, opt for padded cups since they will add a little volume. However, if you don’t want them to look bigger or already have big breasts, try non-padded bras, just like the bralette below from Lupo! Not only will you look more natural, but you will also feel free.


When choosing sexy lingerie, details are 80% of the characteristics that differentiate them from normal bras. Features such as lace, embroidery, and straps, surely turn any bra into a seductive one! So don’t forget to pay attention to the details when buying your sexy bras!


Now that you know a few tips on how to choose the perfect sexy bras, go and check out Metro Brazil’s website, where you can find the most gorgeous lingerie from the best Brazilian brands! 


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