Thick thighs: how to avoid discomfort in this area

Women with thick thighs have to face many discomfort situations: the friction between the legs, also known as “thighs chafing”, can cause unpleasant sensations, to say the least. Burning and aching feelings are common, and, because of it, many types of clothes feel impossible to wear. 

If you identify yourself with these issues, relax: “impossible” doesn’t really exist. Don’t restrict yourself to wearing the clothes you want – there are solutions to avoid discomfort between the thighs. And this article will teach them!

Thigh chafing symptoms

This uncomfortable situation is caused by inner thighs rubbing against each other too often. 

As a result, you can notice symptoms on your skin like lesions (such as boils), redness or darker spots. It heals after a while, but, if your chafing is persistent, it always comes back. 

Reasons behind thigh chafing

You already know that the discomfort you feel is caused by thighs rubbing, but some factors may influence the incidence in which it occurs. Check some examples: 

  • The thicker the thighs the most likely they are to suffer from chafing
  • Physical activities, like walking and running 
  • Heat, humidity and sweating
  • Clothes: the ones that don’t make a barrier between the thighs and also the ones made out of unbreathable fabrics

Solutions for thigh chafing

Thankfully, to solve this problem there are plenty of cosmetic options and also special clothes that help to avoid it. 


Baby powder: Baby powder is very effective, especially if the chafing is  caused by humidity, excessive heat, sweating or trapped moisture between the legs. Baby powder helps to absorb it, leaving your inner thighs dry and comfortable. 

Petroleum jelly: It is very moisturizing, which helps to relieve the burning sensation, but additionally, creates a barrier between both legs and it prevents them from rubbing against each other. Also, it is an affordable solution. 

Thigh creams or balms: There are cosmetics especially made for this purpose: stop and avoid chafing. They are formulated with lubricants that prevent skin rubbing and irritation. 


Shorts & bermudas: This is one of the best options to get rid of thigh chafing! Shorts or bermudas offer coverage in a comfortable and efficacious way. Their fabric is designed to be light, breathable and adjust well to the body. Wearing them underneath your clothes allows you to wear any kind of garment – including dresses and skirts – and still feel cozy and free! 

Thigh bands: These are elastic bands that you wear around the thighs. They are a good option if you are looking for something very discreet, or, to protect chafed thighs from getting even worse. 

Bodysuits: If you like bodysuits, you can invest in models that come with added shorts or bermudas and have multiple benefits in one piece of clothing! 


Between cosmetics and clothing, you just have to choose which solution you like the best. Or, choose both and end legs friction for good! If you are into clothing, take a look at Metro Brazil’s website: we have bermudas, shorts and bodysuits that might help you. 

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