Should I choose a ceramic or a titanium hair straightener?

One of the biggest hair damage causes is the excessive use of hair straighteners. However, you don’t have to give up the use of this tool as long as you take into account some factors such as the frequency of use as well as the quality of the product. Among the most recommended and used tools for straightening hair safely and practically are ceramic and titanium hair straighteners! But how do you know which one to choose?

Today, we will show you some of the main points of the ceramic and titanium flat irons, so that you can choose the best one for you! 

CERAMIC vs. TITANIUM HAIR STRAIGHTENER[1]Newby, B. (2020, September 19). Ceramic Vs. Titanium Flat Irons: Here’s What Top Stylists Prefer. The Zoe Report. … Continue reading

Although these two types of flat irons are popular and well recommended by professionals, they have some important differences between them. The main one is the way the plates are heated… 


While ceramic plates take longer to heat up when compared to titanium plates, this fact can be very positive if you like to use flat irons daily. This is because heating takes place in a controlled manner, making it more difficult to cause damage to hair due to excessive heat!

At the same time, titanium plates have plates that heat up quickly, and are best suited for professional hairdressers – not for amateurs who want to straighten their hair frequently, okay? After all, you don’t want to cause any burns to your skin or hair, do you?

Besides this factor, the other point that most distinguishes these two types of hair straighteners is the way they heat the hair!


The way the heating of the plates occurs and the way these plates heat the hair can be decisive when choosing your flat iron. On the one hand, the titanium plate straightens quickly by directly heating the hair structure. On the other, the ceramic plates heat up uniformly, using infrared technology, in a more balanced and less damaging way to the hair!

But despite these two differences, two other points are essential to straighten hair safely and keep it beautiful and healthy:


It won’t do any good to opt for one of these types of flat irons if you choose a low-quality brand. So pay attention when buying and choose a brand approved by professionals! Our tip is the brand Lizze, which has incredible tools, such as the Extreme Professional Hair Straightener, which contains a nano titanium technology that makes straightening the hair safe and fast!


This is certainly the main point. After all, not even the best tool in the world will work miracles if you don’t straighten your hair the right way! So, read this article to feel more confident that you are straightening your hair the right way.

Well, now that you know the main differences between ceramic and titanium flat iron it is time to choose yours! On the Metro Brazil website, you will find wonderful options, like the one we showed above, from Lizze, as well as many other fabulous products directly from Brazil for you!


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