Passion fruit: all benefits that this fruit provides

Nothing is more Brazilian than tropical fruits, and passion fruit is one of the most famous ones. It is delicious, used in many desserts and drinks but also in many beauty products. This happens because of its properties – they are nourishing and rich in many vitamins, being the perfect choice for your hair to glow. 

If you want a different ingredient option to boost your hair care routine, get to know more about passion fruit! 

Passion fruit nutrients

The fruit is not only rich in vitamins, but also in minerals. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene, vitamin B6, B2, potassium and much more, being considered a superfood. 



With so many nutrients in its composition, it holds countless properties. . One of the most highlighted when it comes to skin and hair care is its antioxidant effect. It helps to retain moisture, preventing wrinkles (in the case of skincare), dryness and damage (in case of hair care). 

It also has anti-inflammatory, anxiety-relieving properties on top of  antimicrobial properties.This last one makes passionfruit an incredible ingredient to help end dandruff and unbalanced oiliness issues. 

Passion fruit in hair products

Due to all the richness in properties and amazing vitamins and minerals found in this fruit, passion fruit does wonderful things for your hair. Scalp and ends can take benefits from it: 

  • The antimicrobial properties can be helpful to end dandruff and balance the scalp oiliness. 
  • The antioxidant properties and vitamins moisturize the hair, repairing damage and reducing split ends.
  • Since it contains high levels of potassium, it contributes to improve blood circulation. Consequently, it stimulates hair growth. 
  • The fruit has a natural sweet scent. That unique fragrance perfumes the hair strands. 


This fruit has always been really popular among tropical countries and now its fame is becoming worldwide. With all these benefits, we can only say that it is really justified. 

Metro Brazil’s website has authentic Brazilian hair care products, including cosmetics enriched with passion fruit. 

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