Keratin: what it is, all types and which one is the best

Keratin must be one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to hair products formulas. Even if you don’t exactly know what a keratin treatment is, you probably have seen – or even already used – a keratin product.

But why is it so popular? Over the years and years, from shampoos to hair treatments, keratin has been a best seller and all-time favorite. And if you are looking for an ingredient – or complete treatment – to improve your hair’s look, this might be what you need.

Check out in this article everything you must know about keratin!

What exactly is keratin?

It is a fibrous protein that composes most parts of our nails and hair. It provides support and protection to these body parts: the health and the strength of our nails and hair depends on the amount of keratin.

Why is it such a popular hair ingredient?

We just mentioned that the health and resistance of hair relies on the amount of keratin it has. The protein composes most of our hair fibers, but daily aggressions remove part of this ingredient, creating gaps in the hair cuticle. That causes harsh texture and damage.

Keratin hair products replenish this ingredient. The result is damage reduction and prevention.

Keratin hair treatments

Brazilian Keratin

This is one of the most popular treatments. Brazilian keratin, also known as Brazilian blowout, keeps the hair volume intact, but reduces frizz and makes the hair smoother. It is a good choice for people with curly hair vulnerable to humidity. The treatment’s effect usually lasts for three or four months.

Hair care products

Different from a Brazilian Keratin professional treatment, these products are supposed to be applied at home. While Brazilian blowouts must be applied by professionals at the salon only, you can use keratin enriched products at home. Shampoos, conditioners and hair masks enriched with this protein will improve your hair looks. They add body to the hair, reduce its frizz and make it stronger, softer and shinier.

Keratin oil

This is not only pure keratin, but a blend of micro-particles of it mixed with special hair oils. This combination improves the effect of all ingredients: keratin maximizes oils’ characteristics, while oils bring more moisturizing effects to the protein.

Which one is the best?

Even though they all have the same ingredient as its principal active ingredient, all treatments are very different from each other.

A Brazilian Keratin treatment is a chemical treatment. It has a very intense effect that lasts for long. but must be done by professionals only. It is not recommended to everyone (to check if it is your case, talk to a hairdresser first).

Home care hair products enriched with keratin can be used by anyone and, in general, have no restrictions. However, if the concentration of some product is too high, you must be careful and give your hair a break between each use.

The overload is not harmful for health, but might negatively affect hair’s elasticity, making it more susceptible to breakage.

Keratin oil is also used as an ingredient in hair care products. It is basically protein enriched with oils. Brazilian Keratin treatments are chemical treatments, but the other cases are not, so that means you can use all of them if you want: you can make the treatments at the salon and then use hair care products at home for maintenance.

Now that you know all the benefits that this ingredient can bring to your hair, add it to your beauty routine! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

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