How to take care of your wavy hair the proper way

5 simple tricks on how to achieve perfect waves!

Neither curly nor straight, wavy hair is a great mystery when it comes to its care. After all, what kind of product to use? What haircare routine to follow?  Well, it can be tricky to figure out the right way to care for your waves, but don’t worry if it’s difficult! Today we’ll show you some easy tips on how to get your wavy hair defined, shiny, and simply gorgeous!

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While it can be difficult to know how to take care of your waves the right way, a few tips can make your routine much easier – and your wavy hair much more beautiful!


Just like curly hair, wavy hair does not do well with brushing – especially when dry brushing. So the first tip we’ll give you is: stop brushing! But this does not mean letting millions of knots form in your hair, okay?

To keep your hair free of knots, the best way is to use a wooden comb (which is great for preventing frizz) or, even better, to use your own fingers!  By combing your waves with your fingers, they won’t lose definition and they won’t get pulled and damaged. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Many women, because they don’t find their waves beautiful or simply don’t know how to take care of them, opt for using a flat iron or a curling tool. Well, just like other types of hair, wavy hair suffers (and a lot!) from the heat of these instruments! In addition to causing damage to the hair cuticle, leaving hair frizzy and dry, using styling tools prevents you from making the most of your waves!

Of course, if you want to use a flat iron once in a while, for example, there is no problem as long as you follow a few essential precautions. But how about trying to follow the other tips on this list to look your best with perfect waves?


Just like other hair types, wavy hair benefits greatly from the use of cold water when washing. Also, a tip to get more defined waves is to throw your hair down and move it up when you condition! This will help with the definition in a miraculous way!


But there is no point in following the above steps if you are using the wrong products, is there? If your goal is to have well-defined waves, you can use shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. These products – such as these awesome ones – focus on hydrating the hair, something that will benefit you immensely! 

Another product that you should add to your hair care routine as soon as possible is the wave activator! Our recommendation is the activator from the Brazilian brand Nazca, which will leave your hair soft, knot-free, and full of beautiful waves!


Finally, know your type of wave! There are 3 types of wavy hair: 

  • 2A (light waves – more like straight hair)
  • 2B (medium waves)
  • 2C (well-defined waves – almost like curly hair)! 

This information is important because it influences, for example, the amount of product you should use, as well as how often you should wash your hair, for example. So, know what your wave type is so you can customize your hair care even more!

With these simple tips to apply to your routine, taking care of your wavy hair will be easier than ever! And don’t forget that the quality of the products you use will greatly influence the final result. So, go to the Metro Brazil website to check out the wonderful products from very well-known Brazilian brands!


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