How to take care of blonde afro hair

Curly and coily hair are absolutely gorgeous. But girls with natural hair know that it takes time and special care to keep it looking beautiful and healthy. When it comes to blonde and colored-treated afro-hair, multiply it ten times. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful and colored coily hair at the same time. Actually, if you are thinking of dying your hair blonde (or if you already did), know that some habits can prevent damage and keep your curls looking stunning. And this article will spill the beans about it!

Maintain moisture at its most

Afro hair requires a lot of hydration. It tends to get dry easily due to its curls and shape. At the same time, colored blonde hair also needs extra moisture: the bleaching process makes hair more porous and can compromise the lock’s health. So keep your deep conditioners and hair masks ready before and after the coloration process – you will need them.

Protect your afro blonde hair from heat 

Whether the heat comes from natural sun lightning or from heat tools, such as blow dryers and curling irons, you must protect your hair. Excessive heat exposure can cause and aggravate damage. Products with UV filters solve the sun heat problem. When it comes to heat tools, choose leave-ins with thermal protection technology.

Avoid exposing your afro blonde hair to chlorine

Chlorine is a blonde girl’s worst enemy: besides damaging hair, it also screws up its color. Exposing your strands to chlorine can transform your beautiful and fresh blonde into a weird shade of green. 

When swimming in a pool, always apply a special leave-in and wear a bun. Also, rinse your hair before and after swimming sessions to make sure there is no chlorine residue in it. If you want even more coverage, invest in a swim cap.

Warm and cold water are the best

Okay, hot showers might be relaxing, but they are terrible for hair, and skin. Excessive heat is always a villain and hot water is not an exception. Wash your hair with cold water. If you can’t stand cooler temperatures, at least take a warm shower and use cold water for your hair’s last rinse.

Cold and warm water don’t strip out hair’s natural hydration like hot water does. Plus, cold water helps to seal the cuticles, adding extra shine to your strands.

Try a co-wash or a sulfate-free shampoo for your blonde afro hair

Shampoo’s main function is cleaning the hair, but some of its ingredients (sulfates) can be too aggressive for some hair types and consequently cause dryness. Since bleached and coily hair types tend to be fragile, switch your regular shampoo for a sulfate-free one or a co-wash. These suggestions make for a milder and gentle cleanse, maintaining the moisture in your curls.

Tone your hair and use purple shampoos

You know that you need to keep your hair hydrated. But besides that, you also need to take care of its color. For that, tone your hair once in a while and use purple shampoos biweekly. Purple shampoos neutralize yellowish undertones, keeping your hair color bright and vibrant.


We hope that these tips help you to get the most beautiful afro blonde hair!

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