Get to know the Brazilian brand Schutz

Find out about the brand that is revolutionizing fashion

If you’re interested in fashion – more specifically, in shoes and bags – chances are you’ve heard about the Brazilian brand Schutz[1]Schutz. (2017, October 26). ArezzoCo – RI.! Known for its striking and unique pieces, the brand has a history of more than 20 years (and it’s still going strong!) and today, Metro Brazil will tell you more about it!

Schutz (which means “protection” in German) was founded in 1995 by businessman Alexandre Birman, who at the time was only 19 years old! The brand started when the young Birman had an idea for a shoe when he was at an Italian shoe fair, and took the idea to his father, already in the shoe business. However, his father vetoed his idea for footwear and encouraged him to open his own business instead!

Today, Birman is the current CEO of the fashion company, Arezzo&Co. The brand is constantly evolving, always looking for new materials, following and inventing trends! In order to offer products of great quality and a unique design, the brand considers itself to be a symbol of freedom of expression!

With the continuous advancement of women’s financial and social independence, Schutz collections are created with the contemporary woman in mind – which basically means that they are totally one-of-a-kind! In addition, the brand is known for being part of the wardrobes of even famous people, such as Princess Kate, from England, and the pop singer Lady Gaga!

The different colors and designs of Schutz products are versatile, perfect for special occasions, professional situations, and for everyday life! It is for these and other reasons that the brand won, in 2016, the Footwear News Brand of the Year award (the equivalent of the Oscar for shoes, basically!). Take a look at the models below to understand what we’re talking about!

Schutz’s Black Ully Deluxe Hobo Handbag

Schutz’s Lee Croco Soft Brown Crossbody Bag

Schutz’s Tramado Sugar White Clutch 

Schutz’s New Lorena Snake Glam Black Tote Bag

Schutz’s Bright Small Sweet Rose Crocodile Clutch 

Schutz’s Lee Croco Soft Mini Blue Crossbody Bag

From the handbags we showed above, you already have a sense of the incredible pieces that Schutz produces, right? In addition to the beauty of its handbags, the great differential of the brand is the fact that it offers products of pure luxury and that REALLY are trending all around the world at affordable prices! Thus, women everywhere can have the experience of using beautiful and luxurious products! 

If you saw the bags we showed and fell in love with them, visit the Metro Brazil website to see even more gorgeous options! With a Schutz piece, you can be sure that everyone will see you like the stylish, confident, and wonderful woman you already are! So what are you waiting for? Enter the Metro Brazil website and keep falling in love with the brand!


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