Curly hair types: do you know what your pattern is?

Knowing this information can completely change your life!

Having curly hair comes with a lot of work. We have already talked about a few hacks that can help you keep your curls under control, but there’s a really important piece of information that you may haven’t heard of before: the curl pattern!

Although curly-haired women suffer from the same difficulties concerning their locks, the curls vary from one person to another – going from 2A to 4C! Knowing what your curl type is is a great way to take better care of your mane. So get ready to learn where you fall in the curl chart! [1]Gutierrez, T. (2020, September 23). How to Figure Out Your Curl Type and Why It Matters. Glamour.


Does it seem impossible to keep your curls looking nice for long even though you use hair products specifically made for your hair type? If so, knowing what your curl pattern is could solve this problem for you. 

Think about it this way: super-defined curls need more products or stronger products. At the same time, a mane with waves doesn’t need as many products or ones that are really intense! 


There are several charts online that you can use to determine what your curl type is. However, if you find it difficult to identify your pattern, these are some of the main characteristics of each kind of them – and some basic tips on how to take care of it!

  • 2A HAIR

The type 2A hair is the one that is a bit wavy and has a lot of volume. Most women with this type of hair have frizz as their biggest complaint. This happens due to the hair’s porosity, which makes it easier to lose water and nutrients! Therefore, opt for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and don’t forget about hair masks!

  • 2B HAIR

A little bit wavier than 2A types of hair, 2B hair also suffers from frizz. So moisture should also be your number one concern, but please, DON’T apply too much product to your hair. Otherwise, your waves will have simply no flow!

  • 2C HAIR

Think about Lorde’s hair: almost curly, with several defined waves. Just like all curly hair, it suffers greatly from frizz and shouldn’t come in contact with heating devices! Opting for hydrating hair products and leave-in conditioners specific for this curl pattern is the best way to have it looking good!

  • 3A HAIR

3A hair is full of very loose curls. They don’t need as much washing as the type 2 hair patterns, so try to have a washing schedule so you don’t dry your curls! Also, use masks every week, and don’t forget the leave-in!

  • 3B HAIR

If you can fit a pencil inside your curl, it is a 3B type of curl. Similar to 3A hair, it doesn’t need to be washed frequently. Thus, don’t wash every day if you don’t want your curls to be dry. And try out some DIY hair masks recipes with natural oils!

  • 3C HAIR

Are your curls tight and your coarse? If that’s the case, you have 3C hair! Since they are naturally drier, remember to always be gentle to it – especially when detangling. You’ll achieve the best results by using leave-in creams and combing with a wide-tooth wooden comb, ok?

  • 4A HAIR

Also known as coily hair, the 4A type wrap around themselves and need a lot of moisture! The best thing for this curl pattern is hydration and using curl-enhancing products. By doing this, your hair will look amazing!

  • 4B HAIR

4B hair type is known for being very brittle. To keep it strong and healthy, hydrate it often and have deep conditioning as your best friend! These treatments will make it more manageable and shiny!

  • 4C HAIR

Just like the previous curl type, 4C curls are very tight and fragile. If this is your hair type, avoid hairdryers and other heating devices at all times! Protect and hydrate your curls by using pomades and leave-in conditioners, all right?

So, if you didn’t know already, do you know what your curl pattern is? By identifying your curly hair type and following the specific instructions for it, be sure that your locks will look healthier and prettier than ever before! Oh, and if you’re looking for amazing curly hair products, go to Metro Brazil to see all the best cosmetics from Brazilian brands!


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