Coloring natural hair: the tips you must know

It doesn’t matter how much you love your natural hair color: sooner or later you will feel tempted to dye your locks. It is a very personal choice: natural hair is gorgeous, but a brand new visual is just as great! 

If you are determined to get a new look through a new hair color, there are some things you must know before making this change. Chemically treated hair requires special care. The routine is completely different from a virgin hair routine.

But you don’t need to be afraid: by practicing the right steps; you will get a new look and avoid damage, keeping your hair shiny and healthy. So follow our tips and enjoy your new, beautiful, and dyed hair!

Preparations before changing the hair color

Hair constantly needs to be moisturized for its maintenance. When we talk about colored hair, multiply this ten times. And this moisturizing routine must start even before the dyeing process. Hair masks are necessary at least once a week. Additionally, invest in deep conditioners that will provide quick and efficient hydration during every shower.

Another good habit is to use pre-shampoos before the hair washing or sulfate-free shampoos. The surfactants, that provide the cleansing effect in most shampoos, can be kind of aggressive for hair and make it a little drier. Sulfate-free shampoos are a good alternative since they promote a milder cleanse, or pre-shampoos since they help protect the ends from sulfates.

Choosing your hair color and technique

Before going to the salon, do good research about the hair color you want and the techniques to achieve it. Check if your new color matches your features and personality , and what the maintenance of this color is.

Everything needs to be adjusted: sometimes, you love a particular color, but its maintenance requires way too much time, which is not convenient for people with busy routines. But, also, you can’t choose a color just because it has easy maintenance: you need to identify yourself with the color.

Some colors need patience. For example, if your hair is too dark and you want to change it to platinum blonde, you have to keep in mind that you will need more than one coloring session to get the result.

The techniques also say a lot about the looks and its maintenance: some hair colors need to be retouched monthly. In contrast, some other techniques (like ombre hair, for example) have long-break maintenance and last for months.

Routine after changing

Keeping a moisturizing hair care routine was important even before the coloring process. Well, now this routine is mandatory. Depositing permanent color onto the strands affects hair. Taking care of it even before the dyeing process indeed helps to prevent damage – but that doesn’t mean that now you can abandon all the work you’ve done.

Quite the opposite: by doing that, you would be throwing down all the progress you’ve had. Keep using deep conditioners, hair masks weekly, and every two or three weeks apply products enriched with proteins, such as keratin, that helps to rebuild the hair fiber and repair damages.

Now that you know how to deal with chemically treated hair, you can book an appointment at the hairdresser and enjoy your new visual!

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