Clarifying shampoo: who should use it?

Transparent, purple, solid, milky, pearlescent, clarifying… Nowadays, there are so many different types of shampoos that we often feel lost when we have to choose one. The truth is that the beauty market has developed a big range of hair treatments and shampoos are part of it as well. 

We might think of treatments as deep conditioners and hair masks, but hair care starts on the scalp – and taking care of it is just as important as taking care of your hair length. Among countless options of shampoos for daily use, there are also shampoos for occasional use with special functions. 

That means having only one type of shampoo is something from the past. Now, you must have shampoos to match and enhance your other hair care products and treatments. And that is the case of clarifying shampoo – a special deep cleanse shampoo.

If you’ve never heard of clarifying shampoos, but are interested in options of treatments for your scalp, you need to know about this type of shampoo! This article will explain to you what a clarifying shampoo is, its benefits, how to use it, and much more.

What is a clarifying shampoo

A clarifying shampoo is a (very) deep cleansing shampoo. Its formula is made to wash out all kinds of impurities, dirt, chemicals and residues of hair products from hair. It is like a detox, and, because of that, it must be used biweekly. By using it too often, your hair can get excessively harsh and dry.

Who should use it?

Everyone can use a clarifying shampoo; however people with drier hair types should avoid it (or use it very rarely). Also, it’s not a good option for dyed hair, since it removes hair pigments. Besides, clarifying shampoos are recommended for:

  • Excessive oily hair
  • “Flat” hair (lack of volume)
  • People who practice sports

Its deep cleanse is good to remove the excess of salt (from sweat) and chlorine (for people who swim).

  • Preparing hair for treatments (such as colorations or deep conditioners/hair masks)

Advantages of clarifying shampoos

Results in extremely clean hair

Since its main function is deep cleanse, you can expect a refreshing sensation, regulated sebum levels on your scalp, elimination of residues, and prevention of bacterial growth.

Removes salt and chloride

Like mentioned before, its intense cleanse is great for people who practice sports. Clarifying shampoo not only removes dirt and hair products residues, but also chloride and sweat residues.

Restores natural PH balance

By removing residues, the shampoo also helps to balance hair’s natural PH. 

Prepares hair for treatments

As a result of the super intense cleanse, hair cuticles get open. That helps other products to be more absorbed and intensify its results. Pigments, present in colorations are an example – it helps the color last longer. It is also good before deep hair hydration – it makes the result even better.

Side Effects of clarifying shampoos

Even though clarifying shampoos can bring several benefits, it is really important to use them at the right frequency (biweekly). Otherwise, its effect might be the opposite, having side effects. The cleanse promoted by clarifying shampoos strips natural oils from your hair; as a result, frequent use can cause severe dryness.

Also, it is not recommended for dyed hair, since its intense cleanse not only removes dirt, but also hair coloration pigments.


Have you ever heard of clarifying shampoos? After getting to know more about this product, would you use it? We hope this article has cleared your doubts. 

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