Choosing the best face moisturizer

What to consider when choosing a facial moisturizer

A complete skincare routine consists of at least 4 parts: cleansing, toning, nutrition, and hydration. The last step, hydration, is often overlooked by a lot of women – especially those with mixed or oily skin. However, it is extremely important to use a quality facial moisturizer, EVEN if you have skin prone to acne!

Thinking about it, today we will show you what are the points to consider when choosing a facial moisturizer. It may seem simple, but there are several characteristics that must be taken into account to ensure a healthy, firm, and well-hydrated skin[1]Boulanger, A. (2020, July 31). Choosing a Healthy Facial Moisturizer. Healthline.! Currently, there are many facial moisturizing products for different skins and with different proposals, so, let’s find out how to choose the right facial cream for you!

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Depending on your genes and other factors (such as your diet), your skin may be one of 5 types, and each one of them benefits from different types of moisturizers:

  • Dry skin: Demands more hydration. Look for a heavier, oil-based moisturizer!
  • Oily skin:  Prone to acne and blackheads. Opt for lighter, water-based moisturizers that have ingredients that avoid pore-clogging and excessive oiliness.
  • Sensitive skin: Prone to allergies and redness. Look for soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera or those with fewer chemical products!
  • Combination/Mixed skin: “Normal” skin. Opt for lighter, water-based moisturizers
  • Mature skin: Has more wrinkles and lines. Benefits from oil-based moisturizers that have “anti-aging” components.
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If you don’t know what kind of skin you have, you can test it at home: take a piece of tissue and apply it to your forehead. Leave it for a few seconds. Depending on how much oil is in the tissue, you can find out if your skin is on the oily or on the dry side. 


Since you are going to apply the moisturizer to your whole face, it must have a scent (or no scent at all) that pleases you. So whenever choosing a facial moisturizer, try to take a little sniff from the bottle or opt for a moisturizer that is fragrance-free. However, keep in mind that even products that claim to be fragrance-free can have some scent, especially if it has any essential oil in its ingredients[2]5 Tips to Choose the Right Facial Moisturizer – Skin Care – Garnier. (2020, October 27). Garnier.!

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This is basically the most important part. The label has a lot of vital information, and it’s really important to pay attention to these ones, especially:

SPF: Another essential part of any skincare routine is sunscreen. If you usually forget to apply sunscreen or simply want to make your life easier, look for a moisturizer that already has SPF 15 or higher!

Texture: Every moisturizer is going to adapt differently to each skin. However, most of the time, facial moisturizer labels inform if the product has a “dry-touch” or a creamier aspect. So, depending on your skin type and your preferences, don’t forget to pay attention to this information, ok?

Hypoallergenic: This information is SO important! Mainly if you have sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic products are the ones that cause none or less allergic reactions to users. Try to buy hypoallergenic products even if your skin is not that sensitive!

Non-comedogenic: If you have oily or acne-prone skin, please, choose a non-comedogenic product. Non-comedogenic facial moisturizers are less likely to clog your pores, causing you acne and blackheads!

In the beginning, it may be hard to choose the right moisturizer, especially if you don’t know what to consider when buying it. But now, you have a whole list of what to consider when choosing a facial moisturizer, so don’t worry!

There are a lot of great options out there and, if you’re really in doubt about which product would suit your skin, don’t hesitate to go to a dermatologist, ok? Oh, and don’t forget to go on Metro Brazil’s website to check out amazing hair care products, lingerie, and other awesome beauty products from marvelous Brazilian brands!


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