Capillary Schedule: a hair treatment in 3 phases

A hydration, nutrition and reconstruction agenda that guarantees renewed hair

Have you ever heard of the capillary schedule? Well, it is a fact that hair has a great impact on female self-esteem, and when taking care of it, many aspects come into play: hydration, growth, shine, strength, etc. The biggest difficulty is dealing with all these points at the same time. And that’s exactly where the capillary schedule comes in. Find out more about it in today’s post!

Many women feel that their hair is lifeless, either because of the day to day that does not allow much time taking care of it or because of chemical processes that end up impacting the capillary structure. However, there are few ladies who can go frequently to the salon so that an intensive and unique treatment can be done. If you’re one of those who can’t go to the beauty salon, the capillary schedule is ideal for you, as its goal is to return nutrients to your hair, moisturize it and, in general, rebuild the hair fibers without you having to leave the house!

In order to organize the capillary schedule[1]T. (2020, October 13). What Is Capillary Schedule And Should I Do It? Chic Girl Online., specialist hairdressers recommend that a kind of calendar be made, in which you must separate days dedicated exclusively to each of the stages (hydration, nutrition and reconstruction). For this, in addition to shampoo and conditioner, an essential ingredient is the hair mask. The result of this schedule, when done correctly, is shiny, hydrated, nourished and healthy hair, as if it had never been touched by chemicals before!

So come on! Let’s learn how to follow the capillary schedule to have perfect hair!



At this stage, the goal is to return water and mineral salts to dry hair, being indicated for all types of hair. Despite not reaching the deepest parts of the strands, the result will be shiny and silky hair. It will also help avoiding split ends and hair fall. However, the following steps are extremely necessary and must be done to achieve 100% renewed hair!

Natural hair treatment
A tip is to look for hair masks that have more than one objective, such as this mask of argan and linseed oils, by Boni Natural, for hydration AND shine!


Sun, pool water and chemicals are some of the causes of hair weakness. The nutrition stage replaces the lipids in the hair, responsible for bringing protection to the strands, leaving them flexible, shiny and really strong! The ideal move is to use hair masks with natural oils, as they are very nutritious substances. When you finish this step, you will be closer to your dream hair!

Hair mask treatment
As mentioned before, natural oils are very suitable at this stage. An indication is the incredible mask for dyed hair, Sleeker Plus Violet, which has a fusion of 12 natural oils!


Finally we have reached the last stage! Reconstruction is the moment when the hair will act in the production of proteins (mainly keratin), amino acids, and minerals in the hair. These components are essential for the structure of the hair and, without them, the hair can become porous, fragile and brittle. At the end of this step, you will notice stronger, more resistant and softer hair!

Keratin hair treatment
One of the most important substances for hair is keratin. We recommend the Nazca Keratin Repair mask, which will leave your locks hydrated and resistant!

Now that you know what the steps are for, you need to know how to break them down. However, it is something very individual, as a hair may need more hydration than reconstruction, while another needs more nutrition and less hydration. Therefore, below, we will give a suggested schedule, which is usually the most used.



Tuesday – Hydration | Thursday – Hydration | Saturday – Nutrition


Tuesday – Hydration | Thursday – Nutrition | Saturday – Hydration


Tuesday – Hydration | Thursday – Reconstruction | Saturday – Hydration


Tuesday – Hydration | Thursday – Hydration | Saturday – Nutrition

Ready to make your own hair schedule? Remember to identify the aspect where your hair needs the most care to create an appropriate hair schedule and choose the right products! The result will be renewed, healthy and beautiful hair!


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