Almond oil for hair: why you should use it and how

Learn about all the benefits of almond oil for the hair!

Almonds are one of the most famous foods all around the world – not only because it’s delicious but also because it’s very nutritious and healthy! Originally from the Middle East, almonds also have another richness about them: their oil. Almond oil is filled with minerals and vitamins that benefit overall health – especially human hair! So keep reading to find out all the reasons why you should be using it on your locks!

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Just like most natural oils, almond oil is antibacterial, meaning it is a great option for people who suffer from scalp infections. If the scalp is dry, this oil can also help to hydrate it at the same time, since it is an emollient substance!


Some other people who can benefit from its use are those with dry and brittle hair! Rich in vitamins such as those from the B complex, it can help to keep the mane strong and shiny. Almond oil also helps to decrease frizz, since it nourishes the hair follicles!

By using it on your hair care routine you’ll see improvements in the overall health of your mane. It will feel softer, look shinier and be stronger! In the end, this also means faster hair growth, since your locks will be less prone to breakage and falling!


Either from artificial fonts such as styling tools or natural ones (sunlight), using almond oil avoids heat damage. That is due to a natural SPF 5 and lubricating properties, other amazing aspects of this fantastic oil!

PRECAUTIONS[2]Watson, K. (2018, September 18). Almond Oil for Hair. Healthline.

Although almond oil is a natural ingredient, meaning it is less harmful than chemical products, it also demands some precautions. If you are allergic to nuts, for example, using this oil probably isn’t safe for you! It can lead to allergic reactions, and we don’t want that to happen!

Another precaution you should take is to not apply the oil before using a styling tool like a flat iron or a curler. Just like oil heats up and fries food when cooking, the same thing would happen to your hair, leading to burns and severe hair damage… So don’t do it!


There are various ways you could use almond oil during your hair care routine! 

  • You can put a small amount of it on your palms, rub it a bit, and then apply it to your hair – using it as a treatment oil! Just make sure you avoid the roots and focus on the length and ends, ok? 
  • Another way to use it is by mixing it on your usual conditioner or hair mask! Then, just let the mixture act for a few minutes (at least 5) to make sure your locks absorb the nutrients.
  • If DIY isn’t for you, don’t worry! You can use ready-made products that have almond oil as the main ingredient, such as the ones from the kit below, from the Brazilian brand Nazca – it combines almond AND macadamia oils, benefiting your hair even more!

Now you know all the reasons why you should be using almond oil in your hair care routine! You can be sure that by using this oil your mane will look healthier, stronger, and prettier. Natural oils are amazing for general hair health, so make sure you check out all the fantastic products from the Brazilian brands Nazca and Boni Natural on Metro Brazil’s website!


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