5 ways to remove unwanted hair

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but many doubts and myths that surround each one. Among all the advantages and disadvantages of each method, there is one that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly. 

This article will help you to choose the best hair removal method by explaining the most popular ones and how they work. Check it out!


What is shaving?

Is when you delicately use a razor to cut the hairs at the surface of your skin.

How to shave?

The first step is to get your skin wet and then spread a soap or shaving cream all over it. Never dry shave because it increases the risk of irritation and cuts. After applying the cream/soap, slide a razor gently through the skin. It is important to make soft movements, otherwise you can cut and hurt yourself. Then, you just have to rinse your skin and say goodbye to unwanted hair.

Advantages of shaving

  • It is quick and easy to learn
  • Painless (unless you cut yourself by accident)
  • It is convenient
  • You can shave any part of the body

Disadvantages of shaving

  • The results are short-lived; consequently, you need to keep shaving often.
  • Possible development of ingrown hair.
  • Can cause accidents, like cuts.
  • Frequent shaving can cause irritation.


What is waxing?

Is when you apply warm or cold wax to the skin and quickly pull it off. The wax sticks to the hair and removes it from its roots.

Advantages of waxing

  • Results have a good lasting effect (usually a few weeks).
  • Can be applied on every part of the body.
  • Skin gets really smooth.

Disadvantages of waxing

  • It is painful.
  • If you are waxing by yourself, it will take you time and practice to learn.
  • Too hot wax can burn and irritate the skin.
  • It is not recommended in case your skin is too thin or sensitive, or if you are using some specific medication such as isotretinoin, tretinoin or antibiotics.

Depilatory cream

These creams have a special formula that dissolves unwanted hair.

How to use depilatory cream

It is pretty simple: you just have to apply it on clean skin (make sure you are not wearing any skin product, such as lotions), wait for some minutes (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) and rinse it.

Advantages of depilatory cream

  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • It is painless.
  • Results are not super long lasting, but still longer than shaving.

Disadvantages of depilatory cream

  • Some of them have a strong and unpleasant smell.
  • Can cause irritation or allergic reaction (testing is ESSENTIAL).

How to test depilatory creams

Put a small amount on an area you want. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wait for 24h to see if your skin presents any reaction. If not, you can use it normally. If so, you must suspend the use and in case you feel a burning sensation on skin, remove the product immediately and don’t even try to use it again.


This process removes hair by plucking out hair with a thread. It is typically done by a professional; the movements are precise and it is ideal for small areas, like eyebrows and face fluff in general.

Advantages of threading

  • It is a really fast process and you can remove several hairs at once with precision.
  • It is as precise as plucking, but much quicker.
  • Good lasting results: usually from four to five weeks.

Disadvantages of threading

  • It is not suitable for large areas.
  • It is painful.

Laser hair removal

This procedure consists in using a strong beam of light (a.k.a laser) to destroy hair follicles. After some sessions of laser removal, hair gets thinner until it stops growing completely. The results, in most cases, are permanent.

Advantages of laser hair removal

  • The hair removal is permanent.
  • Eliminates ingrown hair.
  • It eliminates blemish.
  • It makes skin smooth.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal

  • It doesn’t work on blonde, gray, white or red hair.
  • Darker skin tones need special attention and the process has to be done by someone with experience.
  • If you have a tan, you must wait for it to fade completely before starting the hair removal procedure.
  • You must avoid at all costs exposing your skin to the sun until you have concluded the procedure and your skin heals.
  • There is no downtime.


There is no perfect method: each one of them has its advantages, disadvantages and particular features. You need to analyze all the points and decide which one suits you best.

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