4 beauty treatments from Brazil

We all know that Brazil is a country known for its exuberant beauty, both in natural aspects and in terms of wonderful people (hello, Gisele!). What many still do not know is that the country is one of those that most promotes beauty treatments, inventing several over the years. So today we are going to let you know about Brazil’s most popular beauty treatments[1]Hard, L. (2017, August 14). Brazil beauty treatments: Candle cutting, manicures and more. TODAY.Com. https://www.today.com/style/brazilian-beauty-treatments-we-re-taking-home-rio-t101755, ranging from haircare to manicure!

  1. Brazilian blowouts

We have already discussed this procedure in detail in this post here, but we will summarize it for you. The Brazilian blowout is a hair treatment that serves to calm even the most rebellious of manes! If your hair is looking dry, frizzy, and overall damaged, you should give it a try! But you may ask “how does it work?”…

The Brazilian blowout happens through a treatment with chemicals (all allowed by health agencies, ok?) and, often, with the use of keratin! The result is frizz-free, smooth, shiny, and very easy to handle hair! Also, the coolest thing about this treatment is that you can choose to do it in a beauty salon, by a professional, or in your own home! Awesome, right?

Hair treatment from Brazil
  1. Brazilian botox

Although we associate botox with the face and with needles, capillary botox used in Brazil is nothing like that! This treatment is mainly indicated for people with hair that have been exposed to chemical, dyeing, or excessive heat.

Through the application of liquid botox or botox treatment creams, the hair receives a great fortification. The application itself is very simple: after applying the product and waiting for some time, a heat source is used (such as a flat iron or hair dryer) to “activate” the product! After that, your hair will be revitalized!

beauty treatment from Brazil
  1. Brazilian manicures

Know that false nails are rarely used by Brazilian women and those gel ones have only started to be successful in Brazil recently! This is because the “normal” manicure in the country is WONDERFUL and much more complex than those in other countries.

As in other places, in Brazil, manicures begin with the removal of any trace of previous nail polish, followed by the immersion of the nails in warm water to soften the cuticles. However, this is where the difference begins: the cuticles are not pushed back, but removed using nippers!

Beauty manicure

Besides, when painting, the corners of the nails are not avoided. Nail polish is applied from end to end, to ensure color throughout the whole nail! The excess is removed afterward, using a wooden toothpick with a cotton pad immersed in acetone. Complex but incredible!

  1. Hair lighteners

In Brazil, instead of removing your hair with wax or razors, what a lot of women do is a “moon shower” (in Portuguese, “banho de lua”), as it is popularly called in the country. It simply means to use lightening products to lighten up the hair and lessen the contrast between the skin and dark hair. So if you can’t handle waxing or using razors anymore but also don’t feel comfortable with your natural hair, the hair lighteners may be a great option!


There is no doubt that Brazil is one of the countries that most invest in beauty. The treatments that are invented in the country soon gain notoriety around the world and for obvious reasons: they leave women feeling even more beautiful and confident! You can access the Metro Brazil website to get an idea of ​​how many more amazing treatments and products come up in the country and that can reach you at your home!


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