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How to Choose Your Bridal Wear

What is so hard for a bride to choose what to wear at her wedding? You only need the dress and shoes, right?

Well, not exactly. The closer your wedding day gets, the more preparation details you discover. For instance, you should make sure to try your wedding dress on with the undergarments at least once before the wedding. Choosing the suitable bridal wear is of the same importance as picking your dress; your bra, for example, may not fit the collar of your gown, or your pantie-line may show through.

Things to consider when choosing bridal lingerie:

Bridal Wear

Define your priorities:

What do you most wish to achieve by wearing the undergarments?

You find yourself in your ideal body shape! Then, your choices are wide open, and you can move on to the next step.

There are some flaws you wish to correct! Then, define them and choose accordingly. If you want to tuck your tummy, then look for high-waisted underwear. If you would like to lift your breasts, pick a suitable bra for it, one with a breast-support technique.

Your undergarments’ type and shape can give you the satisfaction and self-confidence you desire; choose them correctly.

Your gown’s shape and style:

The collar of your dress determines the type of bra you should wear:

  • If the dress is off the shoulders, then you should look for a strapless bra.
  • If you are wearing a low-back gown, then you can go for adhesive bras.
  • And in case your dress covers both your shoulders and back, then you are free to choose whatever style you desire and move on to the next step.

The proper size:

There is a common misconception that wearing smaller undergarments in smaller sizes can help you look thinner and fit. Unfortunately, it is the other way around; wearing smaller sizes can make the flaws more noticeable. Not to mention how uncomfortable and harmful it is.


Remember, you will be wearing these undergarments all day; comfort is just as essential as attractiveness on your big day.

If you are not comfortable with it, replace it immediately; do not let it be a reason for your smile to fade on such a day.

Bridal Lingerie color and fabric:

Bridal lingerie takes the impression of being romantic and feminine. The design often consists of soft laceor silky satin in such a luxurious delicacy.

The color of your lingerie should correspond to the color of your gown; most dresses come in white, cream, or champagne; you can also go for pastel if a gentle color is what you desire. However, if you seek to break off the classics, and choose an exotic dress with a color that fits your personality, then be free with the undergarments as well.

As for the fabric, if the dress is made with a light material, then lingerie that is too elaborate may show through. Yet, if the gown has layers of tulle, it can hide whatever design you choose to wear underneath.

We recommend having a spare piece of your undergarments, whether bra, panties, or corset, for emergencies. Look at it this way, you can choose two products with different designs and colors, both, however, fit your gown, and you can wear one during the wedding, and the other for your special night.

Other types of bridal lingerie:

As crucial as bras and panties are, give other pieces a shot.

You may want to wear stockings; they come in different styles, choose your fit, and make sure you have one to spare for emergencies as these are delicate pieces.

You can also consider wearing a garter, a delicate piece of lace, tulle, or satin to wrap around your thigh.

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