What is the best shampoo for your hair type?

Discover what you must consider when buying this hair product

Just like conditioner, shampoo is an extremely important hair product. If you’ve ever been to a drugstore or shopped online for shampoo, you probably know that there are thousands of options to choose from! But how do you know which shampoo is right for you[1]Koganti, S. (2021, February 9). How To Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair. STYLECRAZE. https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/tips-for-choosing-the-right-shampoo-to-control-your-hair-fall/?

There are several things you should consider if you want to buy the ideal shampoo for your hair. After all, you want to give your mane only the best, right? Well, considering your answer to the question was a “yes”, today we are going to show you what are the aspects you must think about when choosing the perfect shampoo for your locks[2]How to Know If Your Shampoo Is Right for You. (n.d.). Byrdie. Retrieved March 21, 2021, from https://www.byrdie.com/shampoo-101-choosing-the-right-shampoo-3517815!



Do you know what the purpose of a shampoo is? Not only does it clean the hair strands, but it also cleans your scalp! The scalp is a very important part to consider since its health has everything to do with your hair’s strength, shine, and overall aspect. So, before you choose your shampoo, get to know your scalp!

Is your scalp oily? Then, go on and buy one designed for that type of scalp. However, don’t forget that shampoo of such a kind does dry your hair a little – so apply it only on the roots! If your scalp is dry, stay away from fortifying and volumizing ones, and look for those that are hydrating. And if you suffer from dandruff, there are specific hair products for you!


Ok, the chances are you already know your hair type – straight, wavy, curly, fine or thick. But maybe you have doubts about it! Anyways, another aspect you obviously need to consider is your hair and what it is lacking at this moment.

  • If your hair is lacking shine and smoothness, opt for a moisturizing shampoo;
  • Do you feel your hair needs more volume? There are volumizing shampoos that will do the trick!
  • For damaged, chemically treated and weakened locks, the best option is to use some strengthening shampoo.
  • Neutral hair – not too oily, not too dry – benefit from balancing shampoos to keep it looking healthy!
  • Straight hair normally needs extra moisture and some cuticle sealing! There are several products out there that are specifically made for them.
  • The owners of curls already know how hard it is to deal with the frizz and the lack of volume… Well, using a shampoo for curly hair will make sure those things disappear from your life!

Need some curly shampoo recommendations? The Brazilian brand, Nazca, has an amazing low-foaming formula line especially made for curls!

curly hair shampoo

It may seem odd to read the list of ingredients before buying shampoo, but it’s very important – especially if you suffer from hair loss, irritated, oily, or dry scalp. There are quite a few substances that can contribute to those problems, making the general aspect of your hair lifeless!

Try to avoid products with ingredients that contain alcohol, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum and sodium chloride! Some of them can weigh your hair down, dehydrate it, make it dull and frizzy, and irritate your skin. Nowadays, there are a lot of safe options of natural products or shampoos that don’t have most of those ingredients in them!

If you want to dip your toes on the “natural products” trend, we recommend you the Brazilian brand, Boni Natural! Their products are vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free!

natural shampoo

This is probably one of the most important things to consider, of course. It may seem like only fancy and expensive shampoo are good – and not all of us can afford them – but there are also a lot of affordable great hair products out there! However, if you have some specific conditions such as dandruff, irritated scalp and color-treated hair, you may need to spend a little more money…

So now you know the main aspects you should consider when buying your shampoo! Of course that there could be some particular aspects you specifically need to consider, but those we talked about today are things everyone must weigh up! And if you want to know where you can find some amazing hair care products, look no further! Go to Metro Brazil’s website and you are going to find fantastic Brazilian products! 


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