Types of conditioner and which one you should use

For most of us women, hair care is no joke. We know how important it is to choose products suitable for our hair! However, even knowing the importance of treating our mane with affection, many of us still have doubts, especially when it comes to choosing the conditioner!

First of all, let’s define what conditioner is: 

  • After we use shampoo, we must get some moisture in our hair. By sealing hair cuticles and balancing the pH, conditioner is a vital product for every hair type! Overall, it is responsible for helping with the detangling (in a way that it doesn’t damage your mane), increasing smoothness and shiness, and leaving your hair more manageable!
conditioner hair

Anyone who has ever been to the pharmacy or entered a cosmetics store – physical or virtual – knows the variety of products that exist for hair. With the conditioner, it’s no different! There are several types of conditioners, each with a different purpose. Therefore, today we will show you what are the different types of this product[1]Keeps. (n.d.). The 7 Types of Conditioner You Actually Need to Know About. Retrieved March 10, 2021, from https://www.keeps.com/learn/types-of-conditioner and how to choose the ideal conditioner for your hair[2]What You Need to Pick the Right Conditioner for Your Hair Type. (n.d.). Byrdie. Retrieved March 10, 2021, from https://www.byrdie.com/conditioner-101-choosing-the-right-conditioner-3517814!



As the name suggests, a balancing conditioner is one that leaves your hair “balanced”: its purpose is not necessarily to leave your hair moistured, but it won’t leave your mane dry either! 


Perfect for straight hair (or if you want your hair to look straighter), smoothing conditioners are those that add moisture and help to seal hair cuticles! By doing so, they leave your hair looking smooth and shiny!


If your hair is curly, you should use conditioners for curls. This type of product has specific components that leave curls defined and moisturized! It also helps with the frizzy aspect of curly hair.

curly hair

It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, wavy, or straight. If it is looking flat or you find it to be very fine, a volumizing conditioner can help you with that! 


Your hair is looking dry or frizzy? Well, the best thing to do is use hydrating conditioners (also found as “moisturizing” ones)! They will give back the shine, smoothness, and overall life to your hair!


Suffering from hair loss or breakage? Try using a fortifying (aka strengthening) conditioner! Any hair that went through some type of chemical process should use this kind of product, as well.


The best way to choose the right conditioner for your hair is by knowing what your mane is lacking. Is it looking lifeless? Is it feeling dry? Or you are finding A LOT of hair strands throughout the day? If you know what the state of your hair is, everything will be easier.

dry hair

Another thing you must consider is the oiliness of your hair. If it is super oily – both in the roots and the ends -, go for a “balancing” option or a lighter conditioner! But if it’s dry, opt for a moisturizing or even a deep one! 

And don’t forget the obvious: if your hair is curly, choose a conditioner that is specific for curls! If you have a straight mane, go for a smoothing one or any other kind depending on your complaint (as long as it isn’t a conditioner for curls).

As you can see, there are several things you must consider when buying a conditioner! Remember that the better you know your hair the better it will look. So make sure you know the differences between the types of it, as well! Metro Brazil has a lot of conditioner options from amazing Brazilian brands! Go ahead and take a look at them!


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