Curly hair tips you must know about!

9 easy ways to make your curls look even prettier

The owners of curly hair know how difficult it is to take care of them. Keeping them hydrated, defined, and looking healthy is a daily challenge! And not all of us can afford to go to the salon weekly, right? But keep calm, because there are several tips to keep your beautiful curls always, and in your own home! Today, we’re going to show you 9 easy ways[1]These Curly Hair Tips Will Change Your Life. (2021, February 12). Oprah Magazine. on how to make your curly hair look fantastic[2]Pai, D. (2019, July 11). 15 Best Curly Hair Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Curls. Glamour.!


Most women with curly hair must have heard at some point that shampoo is not good for curls. Or they even eliminated this product from their routines, using the co-wash technique (which is on today’s list)! However, you need to know the truth: shampoo is important for the health of your curls!

The beginning of the health of the hair is in the scalp, and the most appropriate way to keep the scalp 100% healthy is by cleaning it with shampoo! So, the answer is to use the shampoo in the correct way or sporadically! Apply the shampoo only to the root and massage the scalp. Also, look for gentler products!

curly hair
Opt for shampoo specific for curly hair, like this low foam shampoo from Nazca!

If you still don’t use moisturizing hair masks or don’t use the deep-conditioning technique, it’s time to start now! After all, in hair masks and deep-conditioners, there are several nutritious and moisturizing components that will give shine, softness, and life to your curls. So, consider putting together a hair schedule with several days dedicated to hydration, okay?


The harms of frequent use of hairdryers and other heating devices are already well known. While for the owners of straight hair the dryer and flat iron can give a soft appearance, for curly-haired women, the use of heating devices only causes frizz and damages the hair fiber! So, opt to let your hair dry naturally!

And, of course, if you really need to use a hairdryer, don’t forget to apply a thermal protector first and use a diffuser to guarantee defined, frizz-free curls, okay?


Curly hair tends to be drier and, often, the driest part of it is the ends – since the oil tends to be all concentrated close to the root. So, the recommendation is to give it a little trim every 2 or up to 4 months. That way, you can keep your hair looking healthier!


Each curly hair is unique and you know yours best than anyone. Therefore, many times that “rule” of washing your hair just twice a week does not apply to everyone! So, plan to wash your curly hair according to its characteristics: is it oily? Is it dry? How are the curls after 2 days without washing? 


One of the reasons for not only curly hair but all types of hair, being dry and lifeless is the lack of protein in the hair strands! We have already spoken in other posts about protein treatments and keratin (an ESSENTIAL protein for the hair), so take a look at our other posts. The tip is: make sure to include a product that recharges hair proteins in your capillary schedule, okay? Your curls will thank you!


The first tip of this list was not to abandon the shampoo, and it is still valid! However, in excess or when too strong, the shampoo can cause very dry hair, leaving the curls dull and rough. So, use the co-wash technique from time to time! It involves washing the hair without shampoo, only with conditioner. Very easy, right? With it, your curls will stay smooth and hydrated for longer!


Apply all products correctly! Every time you use a leave-in product or a finisher, don’t forget to give “knead” your hair a little to help form the curls. When shampooing, focus only on the scalp, using a small amount of the product. And when applying conditioners and hair masks, do not apply at the root! Focus on the length and ends!


The big nightmare of curly-haired women is usually the day-after. Seriously, waking up with curls all mashed after taking so much care when washing and finishing is too sad! So, to ensure beautiful curly hair the next day, braid it! You can also bet on the “pineapple hairstyle” – tie up your hair on the top of your head with the ends facing forward – or even using a satin pillowcase, which will prevent frizz from forming!

curly-haired woman

Well, you can be sure that these are just a few of the hundreds of tips on caring for curly hair! Despite all the effort it requires, the beauty of the curls pays off, doesn’t it? And if you are looking for products for curly hair, enter the Metro Brazil website to check out several options of incredible Brazilian brands!


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