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Thermal Corsets: 7 key features you must look after

Social media platforms are all full of ideal body shapes for men and women. Like Kim Kardashian, they show women celebrities with hourglass sculpted bodies and present it as a simple matter to obtain. However, it is not that easy to get a fit body, and most of them seek thermal corsets or even full-body shapewear.

Waist corsets date back to the middle ages when women used to strap their dresses very tight for their waists to look extremely thin, which was a sign of attractiveness.

Fashion changed direction afterward and focused on delivering practical and comfortable clothes for women to keep up in the work environment; corsets were just too uncomfortable.

In recent years, however, waist and full-body corsets were back with more diversity and new designs, probably due to perfectly fit women advertisements on the internet.

Types of Corsets

  • Regular Corsets: They are made of soft elastic fiber and temporarily hide body flaws like loose abdomen skin.
  • Thermal Corsets: They are made of double high-compression fibers, with brackets to adjust their size, and sometimes come with pieces of metal to ensure perfect waist fitting. They are to be worn for long hours, especially when exercising.

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Thermal Corsets Cons

Before you rush to follow the trend, take a step back, and note how thermal corsets can result in side effects on your skin and internal organs when you put them on for an extended time:

Respiratory issues

Corsets might pressure the chest area too much it becomes difficult to breathe, especially during exercise.The lungs don’t get adequate oxygen anymore, which might cause damage and increase the risk of fluid buildup and inflammation in the long run.

The lymphatic system might also malfunction, reducing the body’s ability to get rid of accumulated toxins.

Some people even tighten the corset too much, causing fractions in the ribs.

Gastral issues

Corset’s compression on the abdomen might result in gastral fatigue and lower intestinal mobility, causing constipation. It might also cause stomach acid reflux, resulting in Heartburn.

Corsets can also hinder adequate food consumption, which reduces vitamins and minerals levels in your body.

Internal organs issues

Waist corsets can apply too much pressure on the internal organs, like the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, and obstruct blood flow, causing damage to the organ.

Doctors recommend pregnant women to avoid wearing corsets as they might apply too much pressure on the embryo and obstruct blood flow.

Skin issues

Wearing corsets during exercise can reduce your skin’s breathability, especially with excessive sweating. The sweat can accumulate and block skin pores causing allergies and dermal issues; eczema, irritation, fungus. Not to mention the foul odor it gives.

Muscle issues

Prolonged wear of corsets can lead to muscle atrophy, especially the back muscles, as they take a specific shape that you can not alter, causing muscle fatigue and back pain.

Doctors recommend young women to avoid wearing corsets as they obstruct muscle and bone growth.

Getting that ideal body shape requires more than shapewear; you need to exercise and follow balanced diets set by a specialist. Make sure to prioritize your health over your external appearance. If you want to wear corsets, do that in moderation; wear them for specific occasions in particular designs, and make sure you wear high-quality products that fit you properly.

Best Thermal Corsets

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