The 2021 makeup trends you need to know about

Will you try all of THESE TRENDS? 

We all know that with each year, new trends relating to fashion and beauty emerge. Although 2020 was a year that most people didn’t even think about makeup, 2021 has started with a lot of surprises in this field! We are almost in the middle of the year and, until now, beauty gurus and famous people everywhere are rocking incredible makeup looks we need to talk about![1]Maril, M. (2020, December 29). The Coolest 2021 Makeup Trends. Harper’s BAZAAR.

Today, we are going to talk about the makeup trends of 2021! After all, amid all this craziness that is the pandemic, things such as makeup and self-care are amazing ways to keep grounded and connected with ourselves. So, let’s see what makeup looks people all around the world are wearing this year!



Do you wear eyeshadow often? Regardless of your answer, know that 2021 is all about eyeshadow – and not just any kind of it! This year has been the year of colorful eyeshadows: pink, blue, green, orange, you say it. Therefore, it’s time to get an eyeshadow palette full of different shades!

If you don’t know what you should consider when buying an eyeshadow set, take a look at this post that teaches you how to do it! Also, you’ll see from the list below that eye makeup is a big deal this year! 


This is basically every woman’s wish: long eyelashes that almost touch the sky. Unfortunately, most of us didn’t win the “genetic lottery”, so we must resort to some artificial ways to get those big lashes… 2021 is the year of extensions, lash lifts, and fake eyelashes!

Oh, and if you hate to put on those fake eyelashes, don’t worry! There’s a big trend at the moment of the magnetic eyelashes! Putting them on is super easy: instead of using glue, as you would with the conventional fake lashes, you need to use an eyeliner that acts as a magnet. Then, you simply stick the lashes on it! Awesome, right?


Forget about tons of concealer and super high-coverage foundation! Another 2021 trend is letting your skin go free! Of course that if you don’t feel comfortable going out without some coverage on, you can still do that. But if you hate to apply sticky products to your skin, let your skin breathe! It doesn’t matter if you have acne, scars, or other skin conditions: you are beautiful just as you are!


As you can see, eye makeup is a big deal this year. Alongside long lashes and colorful eyeshadows, eyeliner is one of the most talked-about trends. Oh, and we are not talking about the basic black eyeliner! We’re talking about colorful and glittery ones, and you get to make different drawings on your eyelid with them. Isn’t that fun?


It’s no news that, just like everything else in the world, makeup looks evolve. However, this year, makeup gurus are sure that makeup hits from the ’60s, ’90s, and ’00s are coming back! Pastel colors, matte lipstick, graphic shapes, and smudged eyeliner are some of the makeup and looks that will trend this year!

So, were you already using a product or doing what of the makeup looks that are trending this year? Although it’s cool to be into the trends and copying gorgeous looks other people are doing, remember that you can do whatever you want with your makeup! It’s a fun way to show everyone around you your personality and to simply enjoy yourself! And if you want to give yourself even more love, go to the Metro Brazil website to see all the fantastic beauty and health products from the best Brazilian brands!


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