Plié: an incredible lingerie brand you must know about

All of us, women, know how hard it can be to find lingerie that combines beauty and comfort. It may seem impossible to find brands that really know how to make panties, bras, and shapewear that actually fit real women’s bodies – and not only that of supermodels. However, today we are going to show you an amazing Brazilian brand that does such lingerie: Plié!

By combining comfort, freedom, and technology, Plié[1]Plié. (n.d.). Plié. Retrieved March 15, 2021, from has established itself as a brand that makes fantastically soft lingerie! With approximately two decades of experience, this Brazilian lingerie brand makes shapewear that doesn’t have side seams, making women feel confident and gorgeous without discomfort! 

Plus Size Shapewear

Plié shapewear

Boxer Lace Shapewear

Boxer lace lingerie

With its increasing success, Plié has gone beyond the basic lingerie, and nowadays, it is known for several lines with different purposes such as the Maternity, Plus Size, Control Compression, and Fitness lines! Although they do have divergent objectives, they have innovation and sophistication in common!

If you are looking for shapewear that doesn’t make you feel breathless, uncomfortable, and self-conscious, Plié’s body corsets line is the perfect one for you! By respecting all body types and aware that women want to feel free every day, this marvelous brand developed beautiful corsets such as the ones below!

Control Compression Waist Corset

Plié corset

Plié Shades Corset with Bra

Plié shapewear

High Compression Ribbon Waist Corset

And let’s not forget about the fact that Plié truly has products for EVERY woman, moms-to-be included! Because it does several studies to provide women with only the best, the brand has developed its Maternity line with safety and elegance! It not only contains daily undergarments but it also embraces the fact that pregnant women exercise! Just take a look at these awesome pieces:

Low Waist Pregnancy Panties

Plié Duomix Breastfeeding Bra

Plié Duomix Maternity Leggings

As you can see, Plié is a brand that knows that every woman wants to feel pretty, comfortable, and free! By respecting all body types and phases of a woman’s life, this Brazilian brand is a synonym of freedom, acceptance, and self-esteem! On the Metro Brazil website, you can find more information and products of this amazing brand!


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