Organic shampoo: what is it and why use it?

Is it better than regular shampoo?

The organic and natural cosmetics trend is here to stay – and we should be thankful for that! There are several products that, nowadays, have both conventional and organic versions. One of them is shampoo! If you can’t imagine how different those shampoo versions can be, today we are going to show you what is the divergence between them and why you should use the organic one[1]Gurtoo, V. (2019, February 18). Why Are Organic Shampoos A Yay And Chemical Ones A Nay? Travel.Earth. … Continue reading in your hair care routine! 


The main difference between organic and conventional shampoo is that the former is composed of natural ingredients, free of additives and pesticides[2]What is Organic Shampoo? (with pictures). (2021, January 24). Info Bloom.! Meanwhile, the latter is often composed of synthetic and chemical ingredients. 

Normally, organic products are formulated with herbs, flowers and fruit extracts, and natural oils that are good for the human body (more specifically, the hair) – all from organic producers. However, depending on the place you leave, you should look for an official certification related to the brand or the product. Certain countries consider products with minimal amounts of synthetic ingredients as certified as organic cosmetics… 

You may be asking “But why does conventional shampoo use chemical ingredients if they can be harmful to our organism?”. Well, to keep products available for long periods of time, cosmetics companies add chemicals to them! And depending on the number of additives and what those additives are, they aren’t necessarily bad! People who can suffer from using conventional shampoos are those prone to allergies (if that’s your case, remember to talk to a doctor!).


If it’s your first time using this type of shampoo and you don’t know how to choose one, there are certain ingredients that are super beneficial to the hair and that you could look for when buying one!

Ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil are great for keeping your hair and scalp hydrated and your hair strong! Other components you can look for are argan oil and linseed, great for moisture and shine!

We recommend you the Brazilian brand, Boni Natural! Their natural shampoo is composed of 93,7% of only vegetable and mineral ingredients! They are also cruelty-free and vegan!

organic shampoo


As mentioned before, organic shampoo has none to minimal amounts of synthetic ingredients. Therefore, they ensure the health and beauty of the hair only with natural oils, minerals, and herbs! By using them, you are making sure your body is free from toxic ingredients that could cause you allergies. 

Another great reason to opt for natural and organic hair products is the fact that they are eco-friendly! This type of shampoo is made from natural ingredients that received zero pesticides during their production, which means the earth wasn’t polluted in the process! Moreso, those types of cosmetics’ brands typically are also vegan and cruelty-free! Isn’t that amazing?

Now that you know more about the difference between conventional and organic shampoo as well as the reasons why you should use organic products, make sure you go to Metro Brazil’s website to check out even more options of Brazilian hair care products made from natural ingredients!


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