Keratin Hair Treatment

When Should You Resort to Keratin Hair Treatment?

Do you spend a long time before the mirror each morning trying to style your hair the way you desire? Does it annoy you that your curly hair needs so much care and attention? Is it hard for you to commit to long-term treatment?

In that case, Keratin hair treatment is the go-to option for you. It is the best solution for hair enhancement, making it straighter, brighter, and easier to style.

This treatment results last for up to six months, and it is better to seek specialist help to avoid any side effects associated with the misuse.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

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Keratin is a natural protein present in your hair, nails, and skin, as well as internal organs. Manufacturers extract it from animals’ feathers, wool, and horns to use it as a cosmetic hair product.

Keratin treatment is applied to weak and curly hair to make it stronger, healthier, and softer. The duration of the treatment depends on many factors, including:

  • Your hair type.
  • Length of your hair.
  • Density and thickness of your hair
  • The quality of the product.

The stylist first washes your hair, then applies Keratin as it is still wet or after drying it, depending on your hair type and needs. After that, he straightens your hair at a low or moderate temperature, according to which is healthier.

The Difference between Keratin and Chemical Straightening

Keratin Hair Treatment

There are significant differences between Keratin and chemical straightening:

  • Keratin is a natural product with temporary results. On the other hand, chemical straightening changes the hair structure and has permanent results.
  • Keratin is a protein that strengthens your hair, while chemical straightening can damage it and cause split ends.

Advantages of Keratin Hair Treatment

Results differ from one person to another as they depend on the hair type and how healthy it is. However, most people reported great results in regards to softness and styling.

Advantages of Keratin hair treatment include:

  • Your hair appears to be straighter, brighter, softer, and healthier as Keratin treats split ends and makes the hair stronger.
  • With good aftercare, the results of Keratin treatment can last for up to six months.
  • Keratin makes the hair dry faster and reduces the damaging effects of heat, making it easier for you to style your hair while maintaining its strength, especially if you have curly thick hair.
  • Keratin helps in healthy hair growth, allowing you to have that long attractive hair you desire.

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Cons of Keratin Hair Treatment

Most people reported positive experiences with this treatment, and no actual disadvantage has occurred.

However, this product might have Formaldehyde, a colorless gas with a strong odor, and it is better for pregnant women and those with allergies to avoid it.

Reported signs of allergy include the following:

  • Itching of the nose and eyes.
  • Coughing.
  • Airway resistance.
  • Rash and itchy skin.
  • Scalp irritation and burns.
  • Nausea.
  • Hair loss and damage.

Fortunately, researchers have found a solution for this issue, and manufacturers now offer Formaldehyde-free Keratin products that are entirely safe for use, even for those with allergies.

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost

It might be a bit expensive to receive Keratin hair treatment, but it is a small price to pay for simplifying your daily hair care tasks.

You can now achieve the attractive look you desire without spending hours before the mirror. Not to mention, this treatment has excellent benefits in healthy hair growth and in restoring your hair’s strength and youthfulness.

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