How to wear a corset in an everyday outfit

5 outfits idea to rock that Victorian fashion

If you have ever seen a movie set in the Victorian-era, chances are you saw women wearing corsets. Well, although corsets are a garment from the 18th and 19th centuries, they are making their come-back to wardrobes all over the world! You can be sure that in 2021, they are going to be one of the biggest trends!

Not only do corsets can be used as an accessory, but they can also be worn to have better posture and an hourglass figure! But you may be wondering how you could wear such a different garment on everyday occasions… Don’t worry! Today, we are going to show you some incredible corset outfit ideas you can rock everywhere!


This outfit idea is perfect for those days when you just want to look casual but don’t let looking fabulous aside. Grab a plain t-shirt and put a colorful or neutral corset over it! By adding this garment, you will completely transform a simple everyday outfit into a fashionista look. And to finish it up, put on some jeans! 

t-shirt corset

Depending on your opinion on high heels, you can wear some black ones with this look or opt for sneakers! It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you will look amazing!


Several models and actresses have this look as their go-to – Gigi Hadid is one of them. Wearing a black corset on top of a white button-down is a great decision if you want to look super sexy! Pair them with flare black trousers and a pair of heels to make that “femme fatale” outfit complete!


So, basically, anything you wear with a corset is going to look sexy. However, if you want to emphasize your gorgeous figure, a fantastic way to do that is by wearing body-hugging pants! It can be a pair of jeans or leggings – your choice. And to make that look even more appealing, try some high heels with it! 

If you opt to wear this outfit during summertime, you can match it with a t-shirt or a strapless top! During colder weather, though, opt to pair it with a shirt or put a coat on top!


This one is for the ladies who love a suit! If you love this piece of clothing but don’t really know how to wear it without looking extra professional, a corset can be the perfect solution for this dilemma! You can even wear a colorful corset to make it look even more casual! 

suit corset

Also, if you do have a job that requires wearing suits daily, you can add a corset to it – just opt for a neutral color and try to button up a bit in order to be “work-friendly” (of course that depends on the place you work!).


Are you one of the people who think t-shirt dresses are simply too baggy and boring? Well, if you are, maybe wearing a corset over it will change your mind! This outfit has been worn by a lot of famous women, such as Kim Kardashian, and they looked really nice! To complete the look, you can opt either for a pair of boots or a pair of sneakers – that’s your call! Oh, and this is a fantastic option if you need to go from work to a party, for example!

After this list of outfit ideas, odds are you are tempted to adopt the use of a corset! If you don’t have one already, go on to Metro Brazil’s website and check out some stunning corsets from the best Brazilian brands! 

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