Bag trends of 2021 that you can’t miss!

Discover 7 types of handbags that will rock this year

Each woman has her style reflected in her clothes, haircut, makeup, and accessories. Among the accessories, there is an ESSENTIAL item for the daily lives of all of us: the bag! In addition to reflecting the style of who uses it, the bag is a practical item that serves to store all the things you may need during the day. But of course, we all know that in fashion, as time goes by, new trends emerge!

Today we are going to show you some of the bags that promise to be successful in 2021 and that you can’t miss! After all, each one’s style is always evolving, isn’t it? So let’s see 7 types of bags that will rock this year[1]Bruno, E. (2020, December 30). The Biggest (and Cutest!) Bag Trends of 2021 That You Can Shop Immediately. Cosmopolitan.!


We are all unique, aren’t we? In the year 2021, uniqueness must also be present in the bags! Why should you always use what everyone else uses? Okay, rectangular bags are beautiful and classic (and will also be a trend this year – keep reading!), but it’s also wonderful to be different! So don’t be afraid to choose handbags with unusual or asymmetrical shapes!

See some suggestions below!


When we think of handbags, most of the time the image that will come to our heads is of a handbag with a simple and smooth handle. Well, know that the trend for this year is a striking handle, made with chains! And the chains can be of the most varied materials like metal or acrylic!

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Many women have a busy routine, which prevents them from using a very large handbag. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need essential items to accompany them, right? Therefore, in the year 2021, a trend that will continue is the pouch bag! With it, you can go to concerts, walks and to the most varied events without losing your style!

We recommend you the Schutz’s Precious Pouch Bag

pouch bag

One thing anyone hates is leaving home without an item that would come in handy. One way to avoid going through this unfortunate situation is to leave the house with all the items you may need! Therefore, another trend this year is the big bag! The bigger the better! 

Take a look at this gorgeous pink tote bag from Arezzo! Simply marvelous!

And don’t miss this one-of-a-kind green shopping bag!


A trend that is here to stay is natural style! Natural makeup, natural clothes, and natural bags will be in full swing in 2021! Whether they are made from recycled materials or natural fabrics, you can be sure they will be successful. And the best part: they match everything!

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A classic is just that: it doesn’t go out of style. So it couldn’t be left out of this list! Classic bags are useful, beautiful, and popular. They can be used with anything and anywhere! Below, we have selected some beautiful classic bags for you to fall in love with!


Finally, an incredible trend that you should not miss… The sparkle will be with everything in the year 2021! No more hiding behind basic colors and common fabrics: it’s time for you to shine on! Whether with glitter, stone details, or metallic fabrics, shining will be a hit this year!

Check out some fantastic suggestions below!

Which trends for 2021 did you like the most? As you can see, this year brings several different options of what will be considered “fashion”. But of course: wear what will make you feel good and reflect your unique style! On the Metro Brazil website, you can find even more wonderful bags from the Brazilian brands Arezzo and Schutz! Go take a peek!


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