How to pick the right makeup products

What are the most important factors to consider when buying makeup

If you aren’t used to wearing makeup but want to start now, there are quite a few things you should know about choosing the correct products. The first thing you should know, though is that there are several different cosmetics that you could buy – or not -, such as foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick (check out this post to see essential makeup products)! Today, we are going to tell you what are the major steps[1]M. (2019c, August 22). Tips On How To Choose The Right Makeup & Cosmetics Products. Meiya. you should take to pick the right products for you!



When we are buying makeup products such as foundation, the first thing you should consider is your skin type! Skin can be oily, dry, or mixed, and each one of these types works better with different varieties of foundation:

  • If you have normal skin, you don’t really need to worry about picking a specific foundation, any sort will do!
  • Is your skin oily? If so, try to avoid liquid foundation and opt for powder versions or one with a matte effect!
  • If your skin is dry, you can find some moisturizing foundations! Also, liquid versions could suit you, as well.
  • Mixed skin is tricky… You can either opt for a matte effect foundation or choose a liquid one – maybe you’ll need to try both these types to see which works best for you!

This step is super important. When choosing skin products like concealer and foundation, you must check if your skin tone matches the actual product. That’s why it is best to buy makeup in person if it’s your first time (after that, you can buy it online with more accuracy)! 

Besides that, you should also know that, normally, people opt for buying a concealer that is one shade lighter than their skin tone! By doing so, areas such as around the eyes look brighter. However, when it comes to foundation, stick to one that matches your skin tone the best, ok?


It is an actual physicals fact that some colors compliment each other. That applies to makeup – eye, lips, and skin products! Another thing to consider – especially when buying lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blush, is if their colors suit your skin tone.

For instance, paler skin matches well with earth tones, such as brown and green! When it comes to blush, pink and peach work best! Darker complexions look fantastic with vibrant colors such as golden for eyeshadow, and earthy tones for the cheeks! However, there is no rule when it comes to makeup: use whatever color you want to!


Of course, quality is something you MUST take into consideration when buying your makeup. And don’t confuse quality with price: there are great affordable makeup brands out there – just do some research before you buy the products! One tip is to look for brands that have non-comedogenic skin makeup products and makeup that is non-allergenic as well! 

Oh, and if you are interested in the “natural products” trend, there are several makeup brands that are eco-friendly, vegan, AND cruelty-free! 

As you can see, choosing makeup products can be quite a challenge, but is possible and fun! You just have to take the aspects above into account and everything will go smoothly when choosing the best products for you. And talking about “best products”, go and check Metro Brazil’s website! There you’re going to find amazing hair products and lingerie from fantastic Brazilian brands!


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