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How to choose the most fitting coloured contact lenses ?

Different and attractive looks are what every modern woman seeks to boost her self-confidence and satisfaction with her appearance. Whether it is changing her hair color, getting a tan, or wearing designer clothing, fashion is a go-to aspect for her to achieve the desired change. Now, with colored contact lenses, it is so simple to get a notable shift in style. The colored contact lens industry has evolved to mimic natural eye colors for a more charming look.

Types of Coloured Contact lenses according to their tints

Choosing the right fit of coloured contact lenses depends on your natural eye color. There are many options for you to choose from to achieve the look you expect.

Visibility tint: Manufacturers use this type of dye in medical contact lenses for people with vision issues. They do not alter your eye color. Yet, they are commonly colored blue or green for you to see them in the solution or in case they fall out of your eye.

Enhancement tint: Although this tint is transparent, it is darker than that of visibility tint and is suitable for people with naturally light eye color to make it denser.

Opaque tint: This type is suitable for people with naturally dark eye color to alter it completely, so it is a non-transparent tint.

Sports tint: If you are a sports professional, this is the type for you. It boosts vision, reduces brightness, and enhances color differentiation.

Contact lenses need expertise and style to choose the right fit; there are many collections with several colors to narrow down the choices and avoid hesitance.

Things to consider when choosing coloured contact lenses:

It is not only about your eyes; you should also pay attention to your skin tone and hair color. You would be surprised by the effect they have on your overall look. Everything needs to be in sync.

Skin tone:

  • Fair Skin: generally speaking, there is no need to worry about any mismatch with this skin tone, but avoid intense colors that give an exaggerated look. Lavender, Velvet, Blue, and Grey are perfect for this skin tone.
  • Tan Skin: medium intensity colors of contact lenses are suitable and naturally looking for this skin tone; Green, Hazel, and Grey would be charming.
  • Dark Skin: intense colors are generally fit with dark skin; Warm Brown, Green, Hazel, and Dark Blue are sure to grab everyone’s attention. Avoid light-colored contact lenses like Aqua.

Hair Colour:

  • Brown Hair: there are no restraints or mismatches with this hair color; almost all contact lenses fit just fine.
  • Blond Hair: go with dark contact lenses like Dark Brown, Black, and Chocolate for gold blond hair. Grey, Blue, and Green also fit perfectly and give an attractive appearance. With Platinum Blond hair, Light Blue is the go-to color choice.
  • Black Hair: for a natural look, Brown is the color. However, Lavender and Blue can give an exotic center-of-attention appearance.
  • Red Hair: the best choice is Green; pick the right shade according to the red hue of your hair, and the mix is just glamorous.
  • Hijab: as for women with headscarves, the same rule of color contrast applies; if the Hijab is light-colored, then Black and Dark Brown contact lenses are the suitable choices for an elegant look, while bright colors are a No.

Eye Colour:

Don’t forget that your final eye color is a mix between your natural eye hue and the lens’. Therefore, to avoid any contradictions, consider your natural eye color when you purchase contact lenses.

  • Dark Eyes: it is better to go for dense-colored contact lenses to make the change noticeable. Black-colored eyes, for instance, are hard to fit with proper contact lens color. Aqua Gold is ideal for you to stand out and grab attention; Hazel and Grey are also suitable choices.
  • Light Eyes: people with light-colored eyes have an advantage here; almost all colors are harmonious. Feel free to explore your options and pick your fit as you desire.

Best Coloured Contact Lenses Brand:

Eyes are delicate parts of the body, and they require high-quality contact lenses to avoid any discomfort or inflammation. Therefore, you need to make sure you purchase the best.

Solotica is a pioneer company in the Contact Lenses Industry, following the International Quality Standards. Solotica contact lenses come in several collections categorized according to durability with various hues for your preference.

Annual Contact Lenses:

Solotica offers you three collections; each with various colors for you to choose from:

  • Solotica Natural Collection: these contact lenses have a soft-edged ring around the iris. And the collection includes a wide range of natural-looking colors.
  • Solotica Hidrocor Collection: Best-Selling collection with contacts that have no ring around the iris.
  • Solotica Hidrocharme Collection: these contact lenses have a dark ring around the iris to intensify the color.

Monthly Contact Lenses:

  • Solotica Solflex Collection: includes several natural colors.
  • Solotica Solflex Color Hype Collection: includes exotic colors for Costume parties.

Daily Contact Lenses:

  • Solotica Aquarella Collection: it includes several colors with no ring around the iris.
  • Solotica Toric Collection: they are medical colored contact lenses for people with Astigmatism.

Solotica Contact Lenses are available worldwide and are most celebrities’ choice. Now, these lenses are available for the Arab World at MetroBrazil store that offers remote online shopping and fast, low-cost delivery.

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