How to apply products to curly hair

Not all product application techniques are made equal. “How to make curls more defined” is a common query from people with curly hair. This is a frequently asked question because most people apply hair products in the wrong way, resulting in frizz and little to no definition. 

Some people don’t even see the full potential of their curls because they don’t know how to apply products correctly. It’s not as simple as putting a product on your palm and putting it on your hair. This article will teach you the right methods to apply products to your curly hair!

Scrunching Technique for curly hair

  • With your hands, gently squeeze any extra water out of your curls. Start by flipping your hair to the front and rubbing product into your palms. Put pressure on the ends of your hair with your fingers, scrunch them up, and hold for five seconds. Make sure the strands you choose to scrunch are roughly the same size. 
  • Continue until you have scrunched all of your hair, then flip it back and whip it from side to side. Afterward, use a microfiber towel. Use a diffuser if you want your final style to have more volume.
  • Flip your hair to the front while the diffuser is on the hot setting and low air is blowing. Curls should not be touched until they are roughly 75% dry. The dryer shouldn’t be moved around much because doing so can cause frizz. 
  • To seal the product and style after 10 to 15 minutes, change the setting to cool and just use it on your ends. No issue if you just have a few minutes to diffuse; just wait until your hair is 75% air dry before touching.

Praying Technique

  • With your hands, gently squeeze any extra water out of your curls. Flipp your hair to the front and apply product to your hands and rub them together. Then, split your hair horizontally into four pieces, starting with the bottom quarter. 
  • Put your hair in between your two hands and make a praying motion starting from the root. Pay close attention and make sure you apply additional product to the root because it is crucial that it be covered in the product. 
  • Make sure your hands have a firm grip on the hair as you descend slowly. Repeat this process two or three times on each section of your hair, and don’t be afraid to add additional product if you feel like it isn’t covering everything.
  • Continue until you have covered every section of your hair. This technique’s goal is to stretch your hair, giving it more elasticity and a longer appearance. It is also a fantastic approach if you have a tendency to tangle a lot and need to ensure that the finished product is thoroughly absorbed.

Raking Technique for curly hair

  • This method is very efficient since it gives each strand definition. Flip your hair forward while it’s completely drenched. Rub your hands together after applying the product to them. Make sure there is enough product to completely coat each finger. 
  • Till there is no more product on your fingers, run your fingers through your hair as if you were detangling it. Continue raking while adding extra product to your hands two or three more times. When finished, flip your hair back and shake it from side to side to restore it to its original position.
  • After that, you can use a microfiber towel or T-shirt to partially dry your hair. To seal in the product, put a gel or other additional sealing substance on your ends.

Weather and the texture of your own curls should also be taken into account as one of the variables influencing your curls’ look, but by trying these methods you can discover a new and effective way to make your strands more defined. [1]Different Ways to Effectively Apply Product To Curls. (2018, May 22). Curl Evolution. Retrieved September 24, 2022, from

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