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Hair treatments : types of hair therapy you should consider

Hair cells are the fastest to grow in the body and the most at risk of damage. Nutrition and lifestyle significantly influence your hair, so before seeking treatment recipes, make sure you have a healthy diet rich with proteins and minerals.

Hair damage is pretty common nowadays due to the use of dyes and creams that contain harmful chemicals, not to mention using hair styling tools that “burn” your hair.

Here, we present the issue of hair damage and how to treat it.

What is hair damage?

You can quickly tell if your hair is damaged; it shows! The hair’s external layer gets dry and coarse; your hair’s color starts fading, and split ends get noticeable. And to make the issue even worse, damaged hair is more at risk of falling.

Reasons behind hair damage

There are many factors behind hair damage. Away from the medical conditions, there are daily practices that you should be aware of since they contribute to the issue:

  • Excess use of hair blowers, especially when set at high temperature. If you don’t have coarse hair, moderate heat will be enough.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun, dry wind, or other weather-related factors.
  • Using unsuitable shampoo-type which might cause hair damage and loss of its brightness. Several types of shampoos are explicit for damaged hair, split ends, or dry hair. Make sure you choose the right one.

How to avoid hair damage

Now that you navigated wrong daily hair care practices, how can you avoid their influence!

  • Set hair styling tools at low or moderate temperature.
  • Use vacations and free time to avoid hair damage factors (dyes and styling tools) and applying treatment oils and creams.
  • Dry your hair properly after the shower, brush it softly, and avoid using a rubber band while still wet to prevent hair breakage.
  • Use suitable shampoos and creams for your hair to keep it healthy and shining.

How to handle damaged hair: types of hair treatments

“Ok, now that it is all said and done, my hair is already damaged; what should I do?”

Avoid damage factors

Taking precautions is always the first step to treatment, and how you deal with your hair plays a significant role in its health. As a start, try to avoid the risk factors mentioned above.

Trim the ends of the hair

Hair treatments

Hair health experts believe that regular trimming of damaged hair ends, followed by suitable treatments, whether domestic or in a beauty salon, can control the issue and give your hair a chance to recover and revive.

Domestic hair treatments of hair damage

There are many natural mixtures handed over generations that women agree on their efficiency in damaged hair treatment. Some of which are the following:



The avocado fruit is rich in minerals and essential fatty acids, and many hair experts believe it helps restore hair brightness.

Smash an avocado well and mix it with an egg, then apply it on your wet hair for half an hour for great results.


hair therapy

If you have dry hair, you can rub it with butter, then cover it for half an hour, and finally, wash it. You will notice the results immediately.

Olive Oil

hair treatments

It is one of the oldest hair treatment recipes. Heat the oil a bit, rub the hair with it, cover your hair for 45 minutes, and finally wash it with a suitable shampoo. Repeat this several times for better results.


Hair treatments

Damaged hair has a faded color; you can apply fresh unsweetened tea at the end of the shower to treat the issue.

If you have light-colored hair, use chamomile instead.

Plant Oils

plant oils
Bottles of Six Plant-Derived Cooking Oils with Seeds, Fruits, and Nuts

Using different plant oils like Almond, Jojoba, Coconut, and Rocca is the best hair revival method.

Apply the oil on the hair, leave it for at least half an hour, and then wash it with a suitable shampoo.

Beauty salons hair treatments for damaged hair

Even though beauty salons might be expensive, they are the go-to choice when your hair is too damaged and domestic treatments can’t help. Seek professional expertise for suitable treatments that demonstrate great results immediately. You can also take vitamin supplements and fish oil since they have a significant role in recovering damaged hair.

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