Hair balsam: what is it and why you should use it

Find out why a balsam is a must-have product on your haircare routine!

It seems that everyday new hair care products appear – and that’s not wrong! However, there are some cosmetics that have been present in the hair care routine for quite some time. Among them is hair balm[1]A. (2020b, February 13). A hair balsam: why you need it and how to use it. HairMadnessSalon.! Today we are going to talk about this amazing product.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE HAIR BALSAM[2]Educação, P. C.-. (2015, May 11). Produtos Capilares: Condicionador/Bálsamo Condicionante. Copyright (c) 2020 Portal Educação. … Continue reading

You may have heard of balsam at some point in your life. Essentially, balms were (and still are) used in home medicine, and are primarily composed of natural oils. These oils are extracted from plants known for their antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties, etc.! 

In the world of hair care, the balm can be composed of different oils or even just one, having a different purpose depending on the main ingredient! However, all hair balms have certain properties in common with each other, and also share certain benefits with the conditioner, such as:

  • Give back essential nutrients to the hair
  • Leaves hair softer 
  • Gives hair more strength and elasticity
  • Helps with hair growth
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Aligns hair cuticles, reducing frizz
  • Protects against external factors that can damage hair, such as heat, pollution, etc.

However, despite their common beneficial characteristics, balms have differences beyond their composition. One of them is, for example, the form in which it is sold – like oil, cream or liquid, for example! Another diverging point is the need to wash or not, which varies from product to product. So, it is very important to pay attention to the instructions on the packaging, okay?

Well, now that you know the main information about hair balm, let’s find out how to use it the right way to get the best results? Once you know how to use this cosmetic, you can add it to your hair care routine and have a shinier, stronger, and more elastic mane!

  • How to use a hair balsam the right way

As we mentioned earlier, usage instructions may vary depending on the product and brand. Our recommendation for a great hair balm that is easy to use and made from natural ingredients is Restoration and Shine Treatment Oil, by Brazilian brand RIOBELO

Available both in the Açaí version – suitable for blond or dyed hair – and in the Passion Fruit version – for all hair types – this product in oil form is very simple to use: After washing your hair normally, apply 1 to 3 drops of the balm on the palm of your hand. Then simply spread it through the length of the hair to the ends! The result will be shinier, well-nourished, and very soft hair!

Despite being a fantastic hair product, balm alone is not able to repair damaged hair – it just helps to make hair healthier! So if your strands are damaged it is very important to have quality products in your hair care routine. An example of a product that contributes (a lot!) in repairing damaged hair is the Protein Treatment Kit, by São Lindas, a fantastic brand from Brazil! 

Now you know the many benefits of hair balm and how to use it! Combining the use of balm with other quality products, you will have healthier and more beautiful hair. So, don’t waste any time and enter Metro Brazil’s website to check the best products from amazing Brazilian brands, like RIOBELO and São Lindas! 


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