Discover the protein treatment

We have already seen here the importance of protein treatment for hair.

Let’s now get to know a little more about how it works, the signs that the hair is in need of treatment, and some products that help in the recovery of the strands.

With day-to-day routines, our hair is exposed to many aggressions, such as pollution, dust, sunlight, chlorine in the water and even the wind can damage our hair.

Not only all that was mentioned above, but also, all the chemistry we go through, and the high temperature of appliances like hair dryer and flat iron, also end up ruining the strands.

To solve this, it is recommended to replace the hair proteins that have been lost over time.

Replacing hair proteins

To replace the protein, the most recommended are treatments that return hair mass.

In this case, the mass is the name given to the matter that forms the hair and contains all the proteins, such as keratin and amino acids.

The work to replace these nutrients, which are naturally lost over time, consists of using products that contain these proteins in their formulas.

The use of these products helps to close the cuticles (outer part of the strands), which protect the cortex (inner part of the strands).

The most suitable for the treatment and replacement of proteins in the hair fiber, are the amino acids, responsible for the replacement of the hair mass, and also the shea butter that promotes deep hydration in the strands.

When to replace hair proteins

  • After putting chemicals on the strands, such as dyes, bleaches and straightening treatments;
  • If the hair fiber is very porous, dry, elastic, frizzy and brittle;
  • Hair that receives high temperatures from hair devices (iron, dryer and curling irons) in excess and without thermal protection.

You know that everything in excess is bad, right? And with protein treatment it is no different.

If you overdo it, the hair fiber can become stiff and brittle.

And therefore, it is recommended that the treatment be done every 15 days, if your hair is not too damaged.

Now, if your hair is badly treated, the process can be done twice a week, so you can observe the evolution and reduce the treatment.

Signs that your hair needs protein treatment

Porous hair

When the strands are very porous, it is a sign that they are losing water, nutrients and even structural proteins because, in this state, the hair cuticles are very open.

This makes the hair look rough, dry, brittle and dull.

Strands lost elasticity

If you have noticed that your hair is breaking very easily, not being stretched, it may be that it is losing its elasticity.

To end the rigid aspect of the hair, it is necessary to carry out treatments that replace the proteins to recover the composition of the hair fiber and restore the elasticity of the hair.

Dull hair and tangling easily

Hair becomes thinner, fragile and loses vitality when it is losing hair mass, nutrients and proteins.

To reverse the situation, it is necessary to invest in a strengthening treatment to replace the components lost by the hair and close the hair cuticle.

Chemical procedures

We know that excess chemicals can be quite aggressive to the hair and end up deeply damaging the hair structure.

Therefore, it is essential to carry out treatments that rebuild and strengthen the strands after the procedures so that they do not fray.


Protein treatment can be carried out with shampoos and conditioners that contain all the necessary proteins.

It is also worth remembering to always look for the right product for your hair type.

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