Deep conditioner: Why you need to use it

How to introduce it into your hair care routine

All women must have gone through moments when their hair is full of frizz, weak, or simply lifeless. At those times, the best thing to do is to use hydration and nutrition procedures for the hair, such as those involving deep conditioners! After all, every day our mane faces aggression from pollution, sun, and heat, for example. There is nothing fairer than treating our hair with love from time to time, don’t you agree?

The deep conditioning process is quite popular today, and rightly so! It is a procedure indicated for all hair types, and it uses nutritious and moisturizing products to restore the strength, health, and shine of the hair. So, if your mane is in need of strength, you can bet on it! Now that you know the main reasons for doing it, we will show you the essential steps[1]Kakar, P. (2020, May 14). Deep-Conditioning Your Hair – Benefits, DIYs, Dos and Don’ts. SkinKraft. to deep condition your hair safely and efficiently!


First of all, know that the deep conditioning process can be done weekly or as many times as you feel necessary until your hair is healthier. But be careful not to overdo the frequency and the time you leave the product on the hair strands, ok? Now, let’s go step-by-step[2]Patrice, C. (2020, April 3). The Dos & Don’ts of Deep Conditioning. Naturally Curly.


No one knows your hair better than you do. Therefore, you know what its needs are at the moment (more hydration? Protection? Strength?) and you should choose a product not only suitable for the problem at hand, but also for your type of hair. Remember to also take into account your propensity for oiliness!

Opt for products with natural components, like this one from Boni Natural, great for moisturizing your hair!


After you have washed your hair with shampoo, it is time to apply the product (conditioner or treatment mask)! At this point, it is important that you do not apply the product too close to the roots, as this leads to excessive oiliness. Focus on the ends and length! After you have applied it, let the product act for 15 to 30 minutes. This is essential for the properties of the conditioner or mask to actually penetrate the hair.

Be careful not to apply the product too close to the roots, especially if you have curly hair. Try to apply curl products – like this conditioner from Nazca – along the length and hair ends!


We know that the frequent use of heat in the hair is not good. But in that case, the heat will often bring even more benefits to the hair! But pay attention: the recommended thing is to use a thermal cap or heat the product a little in hot water or in the microwave (in this case, outside the packaging…).This heating helps in the absorption of the product through the pores of the hair and scalp!


Often, our hair has more than one “problem”, right? Therefore, we recommend that you make alternate use of products that have different goals! A nice way to get organized is by making a capillary schedule – you can read more about it in this post here

Try switching, for example, between conditioners or hair masks for hydration and reconstruction! The first will return water and mineral salts to the strands, while the second will return essential proteins for strengthening the hair fiber!

If your hair is really dry and fragile, switch between hydration and reconstruction, and for the latter, opt for Keratin-based products, like this Nazca mask!


We know that a hot bath is very nice but, to help further moisturize and seal the hair cuticles, the ideal is to rinse your hair with cold water. And rinse the scalp area well, so you don’t end up with dandruff!

BONUS TIPS: If you want to guarantee incredible deep conditioning, a tip is to start applying the product through the ends, which are usually the driest areas of the hair! Thus, you will ensure that the length is not the only part treated. Also, avoid deep conditioning daily; it will leave your hair flat and oily.

Well, now you know how to deep condition your hair properly, don’t you? With this procedure, you will have shiny, hydrated, strong, nourished, and simply WONDERFUL hair! Following the above step-by-step and using quality products, like the Brazilian products we have on the Metro Brazil website, your hair will be healthier and more beautiful than ever! What are you waiting for? Go check it out and start your deep conditioning as soon as possible!


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