C-Section underwear: a guide to choosing the best one

Something that many mothers-to-be wonder about is postpartum lingerie. After all, the body goes through many changes during and after pregnancy. As if the changes caused by the baby were not enough, there are also those caused by childbirth – especially the C-section delivery! 

Every birth causes several emotions in a woman. But when it comes to a C-section, besides the emotions, there is also a physical mark: the incision. That’s why it is essential to know how to choose the right lingerie for those who have a C-section! Today, we will show you how to choose the right underwear for you who have undergone a C-section.


As mentioned, after giving birth, women go through a wave of distinct emotions. In addition to these emotions, moms who have a C-section need to worry about post-surgery as well! 

Typical postpartum complaints include vaginal discharge and swelling, while typical abdominal surgery complaints include pain at the incision site, as well as discomfort, skin color change at the site, and a lot of sensitivity. 

Regarding the discharge, specific lingerie for the postpartum will not be the solution by itself, but the use of external absorbents (or even diapers, in the first days, depending on the intensity of the discharge). So, besides the use of specific panties for cesarean sections, it is important to use something to contain the discharge, ok?

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It is important to consider several aspects when choosing your post-surgical panties. There are several benefits to wearing specific post-surgical underwear, such as less discomfort and easier and faster healing! So, pay attention to what are the points to consider when choosing yours.


The first and foremost thing to consider is compression! Most common panties do not offer compression, because they are made of looser fabrics. So, look for compression panties, which offer more support and help reduce the swelling typical of the days after surgery.

When buying your compression panties, you should keep in mind that they are not supposed to be uncomfortable, okay? Look for panties with a balanced compression, like this one, from the Brazilian brand Plié, which guarantees support and compression without causing discomfort.


The next item to consider is the design of the panties. Since the incision occurs in the lower abdomen, it is not possible to use low-waist design panties without causing too much discomfort and impairing healing. Therefore, look for high-waisted panties that will allow the surgery site to heal healthily, and help the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size through the compression and support of the design.

You can opt for lingerie that is in the form of shorts, too! We recommend the piece below, which offers a high waistband and a shorts-shaped design, also preventing rubbing between the legs. Also, because it is made of an elastic material, it can be worn during pregnancy as well as the puerperium!


Finally, take into consideration the material of the lingerie! It is VERY important that you choose a material that is hypoallergenic and even made of a fabric that helps the incision to heal. If you do not choose well, the panties may be itchy and uncomfortable, greatly affecting the healing process.

Now you know what to think about before you buy your post-section lingerie. Remember that the right choice is essential for healthy healing, as is frequent medical follow-up! In addition, to have access to the best lingerie, go to the Metro Brazil website and take a look at the incredible pieces of the most renowned Brazilian brands!


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