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Best Underwear for Men

Choosing suitable underwear for men is an easy task that doesn’t require much thought, right? Yet, wearing an unfit one can result in several side effects, such as:

  • Dermal issues: some underwear consists of materials, such as rubber and polyester, that are incapable of absorbing sweat and providing proper ventilation, leading to skin irritation, itching, allergies, and fungus. You should replace your underwear immediately in such cases and apply medical creams for treatment.
  • Testosterone levels reduction: tight undies can reduce the male hormone; Testosterone, which puts your reproductive health in danger and increases the risk of diabetes.
  • Discomfort: tight underwear can disturb blood flow through your body, causing you significant discomfort.

Things to consider when choosing your underwear:


The most commonly used underwear fabric is Cotton due to its high absorption characteristics and softness on the skin. It is also suitable for those who suffer from allergies and people living in hot regions.

Jersey is another common fabric type. It is light, stretchy, and great for people who are always on the run.

As for athletes, they can go for Spandex, Elastane, and Lycra, as they provide adequate ventilation and pull moisture away from the body.

Even though silk is soft on the skin, it is very delicate and might get damaged after washing several times; the reason why most men avoid it.


Ensure your underwear fits you appropriately since they might be harmful if they were tight and might get in the way of wearing what you want if they were loose.


Choosing the right color is just as important. Go for white or grey shirts to wear underneath your clothes, and pick dark-colored underwear for working out and long wear since they are easier to wash.


Men’s underwear designs are somewhat limited. Tops usually come as sleeveless shirts with different designs on the back for regular and athletic wear; they might also come as T-shirts or full sleeves for winter.

As for underpants, they have several designs:

  • Briefs: it is the traditional design for underpants and is suitable for men with chubby legs.
  • Briefs Boxer: this design is the most common among men and is suitable for those with filled hips.
  • Boxer Shorts: this design provides comfort and proper airflow, but it is not suitable to wear under tight pants since these shorts are a bit loose and baggy.
  • Trunks: it is a new design for men with thin legs; these shorts reach down to the middle of the thighs, and you can wear them under tight pants.
  • Athletic Shorts: they are loose and baggy, designed especially for athletes, and they provide proper ventilation and pull the sweat off the body.


There is great competition in the market to provide the best quality at affordable prices. Choose your underwear from pioneer brands like LUPO, now available in the Arab World at MetroBrazil store.

Collection of Lupo Underwear for Men:

Microfiber Seamless Boxer

Underwear for Men, Boxer
  • It provides comfort and flexibility in daily movements.
  • Suitable to wear under tight pants.
  • Offers proper ventilation to prevent foul odors.

Boxer Algodao Com Elastano

Underwear for Men, Boxer
  • Cotton with Nylon technology and strength.
  • It provides comfort and flexibility in daily movements.
  • Air textured sensation.

Slip Algodao Com Elastano

Underwear for Men, Brief
  • Super-light Cotton.
  • It has an anatomical front with double fabric for a perfect fit.
  • It has a reinforced elasticated waist.

Samba Cotton Boxer Short

Underwear for Men, Shorts
  • 100% Cotton.
  • It has an elastic waist for a perfect fit.
  • Super comfortable SAMBA modeling.

Long Leg – Micromodal Sem Costura Boxer

Underwear for Men, Long leg boxer
  • High-quality Cotton.
  • Long leg to prevent friction.
  • It is made without sewing with front cutouts for extra comfort.

Sport Regata Run Free

Underwear for Men, shirt
  • Its design consists of strategic ventilation placed in sweating areas for thermal comfort.
  • It embraces seamless dry technology to reduce friction.
  • It includes materials that reflect in the dark, which makes it suitable for night workouts.

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