body shapers for men

Body Shapers for Men: Elegance Within Your Reach

Most men immerse themselves in work, living this fast-paced life; they do not even have time to go to the gym. Does that ring a bell for you? Do you spend so much time behind your desk that you have excess fats in certain parts of your body? Is it hard but essential for you to keep that attractive, fit appearance?

Well, worry no more. Now available in the Arab World, collections of body shapers for men are offered by the Brazilian pioneer brands Lupo and Plie at MetroBrazil store with fast delivery and affordable prices.

Advantages of body-shapers

  • Tighten certain parts of your body; chest, abdomen, hips, and legs, depending on the body shaper’s type.
  • Reduce your measurements.
  • Improve your body posture.
  • Give an attractive, fit look that can boost your self-confidence
  • Reduce sweating-related issues like fungus and bad odors.
  • Keep the muscle balance.
  • Reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Enhance circulation.
  • Prevent friction in certain areas.
  • Increase sport performance.

Types of body shapers for men

There are various types, shapes, and colors of body shapers for men, developed with modern technology for more satisfactory results.

Define what you need, and feel free to navigate the Men’s Collection at MetroBrazil, where you can always find what you are looking for.

Here is a sample of different types of body shapers for men:

Brazilian Body Shaper Waist Corset

Body Shapers for Men
  • This product supports the lower back and improves your posture.
  • It has a front opening with three settings for size adjustment.
  • High compression technique on the abdominal area.
  • Reduces your measurements for up to 4cm.
  • Offered by Plie.

Thermal T-Shirt – Regata

Body Shapers for Men
  • Different levels of compression to improve posture and muscle balance.
  • It supports your muscles during workouts.
  • No sewing, reducing points of friction.
  • High thermal comfort with strategic ventilation in critical areas of sweat.
  • Offered by Lupo.

Sport T-Shirt LS Bike

Body Shapers
  • Different levels of compression to support the muscles and improve your posture.
  • High thermal comfort with strategic ventilation in critical areas of sweat.
  • Seamless dry technology to reduce friction.
  • Antimicrobial tissue and hygienic treatment to prevent micro-organisms proliferation and foul odors.
  • Material that reflects in the dark to allow night workout.
  • Offered by Lupo.

Sport Calça Térmica X-Run Emana

Body Shapers
  • Thermal pants with anatomical front.
  • Made of double fabric for a perfect fit.
  • Different levels of compression to improve posture and balance muscles.
  • Strategic ventilation at critical points of sweat.
  • Seamless Dry Technology to prevent friction.
  • EmanaⓇ Technology to enhance circulation and metabolism, reduce muscle fatigue, and increase performance.
  • Offered by Lupo.

Compression Seamless Shaper Boxer

Body Shapers for Men
  • Boxer modeling with anatomical cutout, providing perfect fit.
  • High waist with elastic waistband and wide rib, to model and compress the belly.
  • Lateral fins to prevent curling and leave the product in place.
  • Made from compression microfiber, providing more support.
  • Developed with seamless technology to prevent friction.
  • It is made with antimicrobial tissue that inhibits micro-organisms proliferation.
  • Offered by Lupo.

Arm Corset UV Sleeves

Body Shapers for Men
  • This product acts as a tensor for the arms.
  • It provides firm support, with a double cuff at the ends and an internal silicone top.
  • Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems for lasting quality.
  • It promotes blood circulation, increases oxygen availability, and efficiently removes lactic acid; it minimizes muscle vibration, swelling, fatigue, and cramps.
  • Developed with Polyamide microfiber to provide UV protection.
  • Breeze technology – Nilit’s high-performance fiber offers extreme strength, optimum support, flexibility, and softness to the finished product.
  • Seamless Dry Technology to reduce friction.
  • Strategic ventilation and thermal comfort.
  • Antimicrobial tissue to prevent micro-organisms proliferation and foul odors.
  • Different levels of compression to improve posture and muscle balance.
  • Offered by Lupo.

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